Why You Should Continue Your Education and Use it to be Successful Online

Many MLM’s and online entrepreneur opportunities will sometimes discourage getting a “traditional” education. These entities feel that one spends so much money on an education and often has nothing to show for it. I understand why one may feel this way, because this can happen. However, I believe with motivation and truly doing your research in the career you are getting into, you can be successful, and pursue great income online too.


Mistakes Many College Students Make

OK so let’s be honest here, we go to college because we want to better ourselves and gain knowledge to attain a career that we will be successful in and to make good money. However, when we go after a career that we think will make us wealthy, we can oftentimes go for something we don’t really enjoy. We may feel that if we go for a degree in Accounting, or Medicine, or as a lawyer, then we will be learning something that will make us very successful. Where this may be true, if this is not really where one’s interest lies, then they are not going to find true success because they are sacrificing what may really be their calling, for something they believe will make them successful.

When one forces themselves to study in a subject that they really have no interest in, it will often lead to failure. Therefore, finding something you are passionate about is always the better alternative. Perhaps you are interested in the arts, or music, or entertainment – but someone along the way told you that you wouldn’t be successful or that it’s too competitive and impossible to make any “real money” in. Well this is when your adulthood starts – you have to be strong enough to stick with your convictions and go with what you know is in your heart.

Where Online Success Fits In

As previously mentioned, finding a subject that you are passionate about, is key to your success. This also is true when you are beginning a business online. It has been shown that to create true success online, a key factor is to have your own website. With this website you write and create blogs and articles and you input videos within it. Now let’s envision that you have earned a degree in a subject that you are very passionate about and you have obtained a wealth of information on. You are great at this career, because it is something that you love so much you live and breathe it. In fact, you love it so much, that you want to help others that have shown interest in this same career, how incredible it is.

Yup, you guessed it! This is where the online business and website come in. You have created your website and now ready to start writing your blogs – well you have a fortune of subjects to write about – your knowledge on your career and your education. You can create videos showing examples of your path to success in your career, and what steps helped you get there. Before you know it you will have a following, because you are writing, creating videos and talking about an area you have expertise in. People will want to hear and read what you have to say because you will become an authority on it, because you have first-hand knowledge on the subject!

This is how many people on the internet have been able to create such success, because many have received an education in the subject, they have become an authority in. It is having this educated knowledge on a career or a business idea (which can be in any subject!) that has made these individuals able to create successful online businesses.

Some Examples to Think About

An example of success in both an educated career and intertwining it with success on the internet is someone who may have studied different biology and chemistry and received a career in medicine. Having this knowledge may bring them to research different medicines on the market and investigate vitamins and materials claiming to assist ailments and diseases.

For instance, CBD oils is huge on the market right now. Having a background in medicine, biology and chemistry will give someone a more professional approach in researching how effective CBD is on the body. By having their own website and writing blogs and creating videos on their website will build an audience, where they not only share their knowledge, but also make suggestions of safe products’ out there that are worth the money and are successful – as well as write reviews on products’ they do not recommend due to safety issues, and by having a background in the subject and adding their expertise, they will build a trust with their audience.

When one does write a review on a product and offers their suggestion, through giving examples and their expertise on the subject matter, of a product they recommend, they can use a link to direct their readers to that product and to that products’ website (if one has been created) or to a website that sells that product and receive a commission; this process is affiliate marketing.

Maybe you received an education to be an educator; and you want to help others receive a good education and you are affiliate with an online school or to an online site for a school. You have created your website and first you write about your experience as an educator and all the benefits of it and find and build an audience that is passionate about education. Showing examples through videos and writing blogs with rich and valuable content, you show that you are an authority and you have expertise on the subject – it may even be in a subject like, Math. The point is you build that trust with your audience and their respect – so when you suggest a school or an online school, your followers are more likely to take your advice.

You can receive an education on ANY subject, create a website and write and make videos with great content to gain a following of individuals interested in that same subject. The important fact, is that it be in something you love, and you feel passionate about. Readers and viewers will be able to perceive this and will respect and want to listen to you, because they know you are genuine.

Be Educated at School and Online

While at school you are being educated on all different subjects, viewpoints and standards. These same processes can also be learned online. While learning and beginning your career study in school, also do your research online. I mean this in a couple ways; One is by continuing to research on your subject online, this way you will be up to date with any new trends in that career and how you can excel within that career. Second is by researching how people become successful online – what trends do they seem to follow – do they follow a system that educates and constantly trains on the new nuances online for success. Learn about different terms, like affiliate marketing, and pay per click, and email autoresponders, etc.

Keep current with both, your schooling education, and what you need to be successful online. Be wary of anything that sounds too good to be true online and makes promises that sound impossible, “You can make $1000 in one hour, if you follow this simple system!” If it sounds too good to be true or fishy, then it most likely is – and avoid it like the plague. However, explore different things, and if there are programs that offer a free trial or have a free starter membership, look at it and see if it fits into the path you are headed in. Remember this is your career and your decision, so NEVER feel forced or enticed into choosing something you don’t feel comfortable with.

Some characteristics to investigate when searching for good online programs to be affiliated with is – do they have a community of professionals that offer their assistance to you? Is there continuous training and is it explained in a way that both beginners and experts can comprehend? Is it affordable to fit into your budget? Do they give you an opportunity to check everything out free to see the value before you purchase anything?

An Online Program of My Suggesting

As I mentioned, you must pick a program that fits your needs and do your research on ANY program. I am suggesting this one, because it fits all the characteristics I had mentioned above, when looking for a good online program. The name of this program is WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

  • This program offers a free starter membership that allows you to build two secure websites using one of the best platforms out there – WordPress.
  • A community of like minded people from different professions, who have the experience and knowledge, who want to help you on your path to success.
  • You can check the program out for free before deciding to upgrade to Premium ($49/month – THE ONLY UPGRADE – NO OTHER UPSELLS!) and if you choose not to upgrade you can stay with the starter free membership forever!
  • You get the first 10 phases of the Online Entrepreneurship and first 10 phases of the Bootcamp training with the free starter membership – all 50 phases of the entrepreneurship and 70 phases of the bootcamp training (plus ongoing classes and webinars of success training from professionals who are very successful online) with the Premium membership.

To find out all the benefits of this program – Click Here

Stick with Your Education and Become a Success Online

I would like to reiterate that receiving an education is an asset in whatever you decide to do in life; and if you are given the chance to receive an education – take it! In whatever you get a degree in, use it to your advantage, show your expertise and become an authority on that subject. Write research papers on it and turn that into an article/blog for your website. If you can show demonstrations on a video, then post that on your website and on YouTube.

Here’s an example:

Remember we are all remarkable and unique and we all have something to bring to the table. Take your uniqueness and your education and create success for yourself and establish yourself online and success will come your way!

Robert Warneck (The Helpful Affiliate)

Robert Warneck


  1. Thank you for this helpful article. I wish I knew about wealthy affiliate when I was in college because I could have actually monetized my education by blogging about what I was learning. Then when I graduated I would have had a degree and that would give my blog even more credibility. Also that website would help me to get jobs in that career field, because it could act like a portfolio.

    I think this is good advice for college students. By the time they finish college they could have a stream of income from the internet to help them pay off their loans.

    • Chuck, 

      It’s still never too late.  Yes it may have taken less time when we were younger and still in college.  But we still ahve the potential.  You still will be a great success, you still gained knowledge and know how – you can use it!

      You’ll be great!

      Robert Warneck (The Helpful Affiliate)

  2. This is a good article, one of the problems I had in the beginning was trying to make money online without a website.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible, just a lot more difficult.  Get an education on how to engage with people on social media, and drive that traffic to your website. 

     There’s a little more to it than that, but it’s basically the gist of how things work.  I’m still struggling a bit on getting visitors but I’m in my infancy.  I learned that a lot of people take a while to be successful online with their website.  Sometimes it takes them a few years.

    The same with any new business, you’re going to lose money in the beginning, but over time the profits will start to come in.  You just have to be patient and keep at it.

    • Hi Ibrahim, 

      I know how you feel, I too am at the infancy of my website here, just barely four months in the making.  There is so much to learn, but I enjoy every moment, because I have been learning so much that I never knew!

      All the best!

      Robert Warneck (The Helpful Affiliate)

  3. I found this worthy of reading and definitely will share out to the world. The essence of education to the online success cannot be underrated because establishing a business online has to do with an area of expertise and one can only gain such through proper education. Most people have forgotten about the importance of education and they get carried away with the little success or stories they read about others making wealth without education online. Education is integral and I agree with you. It is needed to enhance success online. Thanks

    • Ramos thank you for your wise words and for such a beautiful comment.

      All the best!\

      Robert Warneck (The Helpful Affiliate)

  4. I like the way you have brought together the terms of education and making money online together in this post. I now see why it is important to be educated and have a field of preference when going into anything affiliate marketing. I studied language and teaching language will be a great thing online. I am going to check out this platform you have recommended here. Thank you for the help you have put up here.

    • Thank You Henderson.  Wow the study of languages is fascinating!  I hope when you have created this site teaching languages, that you will re-visit my site here and tell me of your website, so that I may check it out and attain even more knowledge – we never stop learning!

      Thank You again,

      Robert Warneck ( The Helpful Affiliate)

  5. Thanks for this really amazing post. Most youngsters of present days do not understand the full importance of being educated, a little amongst those who knows the importance of it do not know the importance of developing yourself not just in aspect of education but online  and even in extra curricular activities. Looking at the importance of educating oneself online, it involves the knowledge of what is going on on the internet which can be used for the benefits of ones self. I believe the importance of this topic can’t be over emphasize.

    • Thank you Chloe and I agree, I really feel it is an important subject to discuss.  There are so many avenues of discovery and learning we can receive both online and traditionally.

      Thank you for your lovely comment,

      Robert Warneck (The Helpful Affiliate)

  6. Inspiring! This  is a really thoughtful and interesting topic. Education is a very important parameter in the present world. It doesn’t just make work easier for anyone,but also creates an easy link between the knowledge and work. I must commend that this is a very educating and inspiring  review.  Online business are patronised by highly intellectual people and those who are moved with thoughtful post. This is a very helpful strategy and factual review. Kudos !

    • Thank you Willy for such a complimenting comment!  I feel education is very important, but doing what makes us feel happy and that we enjoy!

      Thank you again,

      Robert Warneck (the Helpful Affiliate)

  7. Knowledge is what makes people prosper. And studying is a human being, so there is no alternative to study. And there are some companies that make money to help people in different ways. Similarly, a company is an MMML that caters to people and gives people the right direction. And builds a human being as a human being, full of human beings and nothing but money and money. That is why Base is called Manigarh craftsmanship.

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