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    My Journey in Affiliate Marketing


    Hi I’m Robert.

    I would first like to start off in saying this is not a review where I bash someone else’s program, because that is not what I or my website are about. I tell you what kind of affiliate markets do not work for me; but I try not to give any names in reference to that, unless I believe, in my opinion, they are programs you should avoid. I believe that there are plenty of programs that work well for different people, and that some that may not work as well for others. I wrote this to give a review on my opinion what I feel is a great system, especially for beginners, but it is my opinion and everyone is entitled and encouraged to make their own decision and do their due diligence( As I did with THIS PROGRAM).

    In April of 2018, I was first introduced to the term “Affiliate Marketing.” I had no idea what it was, but the program I got involved with at that time told me I would be using tools their program showed me to promote their products and I would make a commission on those sales when someone bought them. That is true for the most part, however, it was not explained how this all worked and their training seemed to show me more about putting more money into their program that would lead me to a higher level of their training, and in turn earn me higher commissions, The sad thing was, I actually fell for it and invested more money in it than I expected, until June 2018 the FTC (Federal Trade Commissions) shut them down, froze all their assets, all their monies and any commissions anyone would receive. That also meant no refunds for all the folks (like myself) that had invested money into it.

    So with that happening, you would think I would run for the high hills and never look back at affiliate marketing again – however I was determined to find out how this worked. I tried different programs and, I wouldn’t call then scams but they only ever wanted you to invest more money for the better program, and go to a separate entity to get an autoresponder email (like aweber, or GetRespnse, etc,,,) These are email platforms that help you set up templates that would first initially send out an email to people who went to your landing page (that they got to from clicking on your link )  *** If wondering about any terms mentioned here, check out my tab; https://thehelpfulaffiliate.com/stuck-with-terminolgy/***   After that initial email went out, you would set up for it to “auto respond” with a new email to these folks that inputted their email on your linked’ landing page.

    Also, I had to go to a different site to set up my own personal website (something I had never done before) and figure out the correct format to set it up on my own; which I was clueless to and the site to set the website on did not have easy instructions to follow to set up one either. Another platform I was then told to go to was a site that would set up a sales funnel; and all these different places I had to go to I had to pay monthly fees on each, on top of the affiliate program, that was constantly trying to have me spend more and more money on their up sales (that seemed NEVER-ENDING)!


    The Choice To Not Give Up

    I won’t lie, I was getting pretty frustrated at this point because it seemed the same thing after another, and I for a moment was ready to call it quits. Then I remembered why I was going through all this in the first place, I wanted to have my own source of income so I could have freedom to help my family and help others to have a better lifestyle, with freedom and to enjoy life. I did take a break for a while though to ponder on what I needed to do and get my mind right.

    I knew there had to be something out there that was not continuously trying to up sell their systems to me, and generally wanted to help people and wouldn’t charge them an arm and a leg to do it.

    I fervently started researching what people were doing to create their success online. I noticed a trend, that people who were doing well, were those that had created a following. They were doing this by creating blogs, YouTube videos and creating a personal website dedicated to what they were passionate about and their websites had many, many posts on it and comments that they would respond to. I realized that creating a personal website seemed key to beginning to create that following.

    Like many beginners out there, I felt lost as to how can I create an amazing website like these successful folks did when I had no clue as where to begin, and my experience with doing this in the past had completely bombed. Yet I was determined to find a way and I was not going to give up on my search; because you see, if you really want success, you must stay determined and climb fences and realize you’re going to get cut by the barbwire on the way sometimes.

    So I continued on my search and checked out program after program, and even the ones that seemed priced reasonably still didn’t give the proper training for beginners (even though they say they did) and always had some hidden sales funnel to up sell you to their higher costing products. Ugh was there no place a beginner, to all of this, to go that could honestly show how to get started in a way that wasn’t so complicated! A place where you didn’t have to go “here” and “there” to do “this” or do “that” and you could stay with that one platform and they would explain in a way that would help beginners and experts alike?

    Then ironically, this April 2019, a year later from when I first heard the term “Affiliate Marketing,” I came across a program that described the above and I thought, “is this real?” So I decided to check it out and I was blown away! This program not only had what I was looking for it had so much more! This program is called Wealthy Affiliate, and I finally found a platform that teaches a beginner, and those that are “seasoned” even, how to create a successful website and how to build an audience that will in time get you a huge following.

    Wealthy Affiliate


                When I came across this program I was literally ecstatic! Here is a platform, that is completely about helping others along the pathway of success, a complete step by step on starting a website, creating the right keywords to get you indexed in google and other major search engines using SEO (*search engine optimization *).

    At Wealthy Affiliate you are shown how to start from the very beginning by choosing a niche. A niche is an area of interest you feel passionate about; like health, exercise, dieting, bird-watching, help others create success, etc. The important thing to remember is, don’t choose a niche because you think you will make a lot of money from it, if that’s not what your passionate about. Remember you will be talking about the subject and addressing your audience on it; so the more passionate and more you know about the topic, the more genuine you will sound and more likely to have a bigger following.

    Once you have chosen your niche, you will then be shown how to set up a free website based around your niche, how to get traffic to your website and how to make money from it. and the best part…

    This is all done in ONE Place!

    You are not going to be left alone trying to figure it out on your own, given a bunch of affiliate links to paste into sites without knowing how to do it, and to figure out on your own how to get traffic by going to all these other expensive platforms; No it is explained to you step by step and all done on just the one site!

    What’s so incredible, is how everything is taught in sequence order, so you are learning what to do, and how to do it all at the right time.

    Before I go any further, there is one thing I want to make clear: Success always depends on the individual, I am not going to tell you that you’ll have instant success if you choose this program. However, what I will tell you is, if you’re willing to put the work in, realize that success NEVER happens overnight and take action on what you are taught, I believe this is the best platform to do that. Success all comes from what a person is willing to give of themselves to attain it.

    Another point I want to make is the free starter membership is just that, a “free membership,” not a “free trial.” You are given a 7-day trial to utilize the full site to make a decision if you want to upgrade to Premium and if you do so within those 7 days, you receive a discount on your first month for just $19 and then $49 per/mo thereafter, or $359 annually (equaling to less than $30 a month). But that can be discussed after going over the Free Starter Program first, and see for yourself the value before you make any purchase – I’ll discuss the advantages of Premium shortly enough but it’s important for you to know: That’s IT, those are the ONLY TWO memberships(Starter (FREE) & Premium (MONTHLY), there is no annoying up sells to try to get you to spend more money!

    What You Get With The Starter Membership


    First I want to reiterate, the Starter membership is 100% FREE NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!

    • You can stay FREE forever if you so choose
    • You try out Premium features for the first 7 days
    • 2 Free Websites
    • Easy Website Builder
    • 2 Classrooms to learn from
    • First 10 lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp courses
    • Keyword Research Tool – 30 searches/Mo.

    This Free account has more training than any other free training program out there and you can take action and start applying what you learn in these first classes to start building your website, with all the suggestions given in these step by step training, and make potential earnings.

    Here is an overview of what it looks like on your training page:

    AS You can see the Online Entrepreneur course is highlighted and there are 5 courses, with 10 lessons each, (50 lessons in all) and you receive the first 10 lessons with the Starter Member ship along with the first 10 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp:

    (7 Courses – 70 lessons in all)

    Each lesson has a task for you to complete, to help you start taking action right away:

    So as you can see there is a lot offered within the Starter membership, and it is perfectly normal to stay with this program for as long as you like until YOU feel comfortable to go Premium. That is what is so unique about this program, is you can feel comfortable navigating through it and not feel the pressure of HAVING to upgrade. On the top of the program’s page is a search bar:

    Here you can ask any question about your site you have trouble with and you will likely find an answer.  Below that, as you see, is an example for one of the blogs being posted by the many Wealthy Affiliate members and most likely there will be extremely useful information there that can contribute to you having success. This program is ALL about “paying it forward,” from everyone up to the Creators of Wealthy Affiliates (Kyle & Carson) themselves want to see you succeed. I have personally asked both Kyle and Carson questions and they answer back in a pretty reasonable time frame; I’ve never had assistance from the actual owners of ANY other program offer their assistance to me! This program is truly to help others succeed! That’s saying a lot with members now being over 1.4 million registered and 150K active.

    I also want you to know I’m here to help you succeed as well. I’ll be here for you and if I can’t find an answer you’re stuck on. we’ll find the answer together! I want to see people succeed, it is one of my biggest passions. I do not want to see folks struggle: trying to make car payments, mortgage, school loans, bills, bills and more bills, It can be insufferable!

    Premium Membership

    So I am just going to say this before going into the value of being premium, that if you decide to upgrade to this, it is for the individual who is willing to put the work in, even if that’s only 10 hours a week; it’s being able to dedicate those entire ten hours that week to working your business (Yes this is YOUR business). You have to commit to your success and to being consistent in writing blogs, posts, watching training videos and this is done at the Starter level, you step it up a WHOLE NEW LEVEL in Premium.

    With that being said, making the decision to go Premium is a big step to increasing your chances of success faster; remember though you have to take actions and follow the step’s given. At the Premium level you have access to all levels of training, 13 classrooms, live training, and Private Messaging with the TOP affiliates on here, including Kyle and Carson. You won’t find that on other affiliate programs; especially being able to private message the founders of the program with a problem you’ve come across, but here you can.

    All these folks, in return, give you excellent advice and make it a point to really try to assist you. There is so much to go over, that I am going to refer you to Kyle’s post on this because who better than one of the founders to let you know all the perks going Premium (you can view by clicking this picture or the link below it)

    Benefits of Going Premium

    I want to put it out there, that this program has an opportunity to earn credits worth actual money, that you can use towards the cost of the monthly Premium fee. Starting out in the free program will allow you to explore all these amazing opportunities put in place to help people.  I get $49 a month can be difficult for some people, as everyone’s situation is different and paying $359 annually straight out is not an option.  This credit program can actually help or potentially pay for your membership.  These credits are earned by offering meaningful insight to other members website. So when you go and check the program for free you can find out that information by typing it right in the top of the page search bar, “How Site Comments Version 2.0 Can Help You Pay for Premium!” or You can view my video:

    Success Stories

    This is Grace (known as Littlemama and GraceWorkAnywhereNow) She had at first a slow start, but when starting any

    business it takes time and effort to build a successful one and not give up when the going get’s tough. In just over two years time being with Wealthy Affiliate, Grace’s website and blogs have earned her $40K, Please understand these are not typical earnings and it does not mean that you will earn this same amount or within this period and time. This is from her hard work and taking action and staying proactive with her business.

    2018 In Summary:

    • Achieved 4 digit income in Mar/18
    • Achieved Vegas Super Affiliate Conference in Aug/18
    • Over 600 blog posts
    • 369K visitors
    • $40K highest income year 2018
    • $7.9K highest income month in Nov/18
    • One website – Started Sep/16

    I think you can call my income for 2018 a “full time” income since some people do make that much a year.

    2018 Year In Review: $40K Thank You WA! Happy New Year!

    Grace’s Story


    This is Ralph known as RD40, his success story is definitely not typical, but Ralph is an amazing goal setter and he worked his tail off to get to a six-figure income within 2 1/2 years. Again there is no guarantee that you will make this much and have this type of outcome within this same time frame.

    The Last 7 Days Of The Year

    I was able to achieve Record Breaking Earnings the last seven days. The first 24 days I made $7,194.30 which is definitely nothing to complain about.

    But from the 25th to the 31st, I made a total of $17,175. Each day I was earning more than the previous day, and traffic shot up dramatically.

    Ralph’s Story

    You can read their whole stories and how they accomplished this by either clicking their pictures or the link on the bottom of their stats.

    There are so many more stories of success that could fill pages and pages, but the point is that you can create your success, and having the right kind of system that shows you a step by step method to achieve it (as long as you put action and effort into it) is absolutely capable. Ultimately the decision is yours because only you can determine what you want for your success. In my opinion I believe that is what Wealthy Affiliate does.

    Getting started and a Bonus

    Remember the starter program is completely free (no credit card required) So feel free to check it out and look over the program and evaluate it for yourself, you have nothing to lose.  After joining I will be contacting you very shortly after, with details and how to get started.   A suggestion to you, if you decide to join, set up your account, it is very simple, and the steps to do so are right within the website and easy to follow.  Plus by doing so it helps with your ranking, which will all be explained in the training.

    $0 to Join and worth taking a look at

    How to claim your bonus:

    When you become a FREE member, you will be receiving a bonus if you do decide to go Premium within the first 7 days (including a 59% discount on the first month).  You will be getting a personal greeting from me and how to get around WA from Kyle (one of the creators).  You will also be receiving information on how to claim your bonus and I assure you it will be great stuff.  You’re going to be blown away with the amount of knowledge you will gain about affiliate marketing on the WA platform!


    Once you check out the site, Please leave any comments below, questions or anything you want to discuss. I am here to work with you.

    To Your Success!


    Your Go To Affiliate

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      Wealthy Affiliate Membership


      Customer Service




      Web Hosting



      • Support
      • Training
      • Community
      • Building a profitable website


      • Not a Get Rich Quick Program
      • You must put in a lot of work and effort
      • You have to have patience

      Robert Warneck


      1. Hi Robert,
        Thanks for the insight. I like seeing some success stories too. Like you, I have also been searching for programs that don’t try to up sell ALL the time. So this has really been useful. It sounds like Wealthy Affiliate will definitely be worth the time to check out.

        • Yes constant up-sells can be very tiresome. Was so relieved to come to a platform where there is just one upgrade and that’s it! Wealthy Affiliate is totally worth it, as far as I;m concerned.
          All the best to you!

      2. I’ve also invested money in programs with expensive upsells that don’t deliver. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth investing in, and with all the support and training you can’t go wrong. The main thing is learn and take action! I liked the idea of a free trial, but quickly upgraded when I realised the true value of the program.

        • Yes Wealthy Affiliate showed me their worth and I upgraded almost instantly! I feel much more confident since joining Wealthy Affiliate and am so grateful for their training.

      3. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
        Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about wealthy affiliate and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
        So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
        I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


        • Thank you Ali,

          I am glad I was able to answer questions that you had about Wealthy Affiliate, and you were able to see what a great platform it is.

      4. Hi Robert, I have to say I’m really impressed with this affiliate marketing program you are promoting. It sounds like the one program that will actually work because you have training and support. I’m bookmarking this article and I’ll be back….I also want my better half to have a chance to review it. Thanks.

        • Definitely something worth to look into and I am in complete agreement to have your “better-half” take a look too. It is always a good thing to approach something new as a team and take a full look at it, to really see all a program offers; what’s nice is you can do this with Wealthy Affiliate and you don’t even have to take your credit card out to do it! All the best to you and your “better-half”

          To both of your success,

      5. I am supper excited about trying Wealthy Affiliate out! I love that you can start out free and without even giving my credit card information out!! I’ve been screwed over so many times by giving out information like that; even had to cancel a few card because of it.
        I also like the fact that they train you step-by-step. That’s wonderful!
        Thanks for the honest review! If it’s everything you say it is, then what do I have to lose!
        Best wishes,

        • Thank You Devara!
          Wealthy Affiliate really is an amazing platform, and in just a short amount of time, I have felt more confident in writing blogs, building on my website and the lessons are priceless. As I tell everyone, I don’t want you to just take my word for it; I encourage you and anyone to test it out free and see what it offers and come to your own conclusion. As the old saying goes, “The proof is in the Pudding!”
          To your success,

          • Believe it or not, I’ve never heard that saying before!! I guess I have now.. I think I will give it a try. Thanks for the quick response!

            Best wishes,

      6. Hi Robert,
        Awesome beginner’s story. I can honestly say I feel your anguish when it comes to scam programs out there giving you the run around.

        Your breakdown of Wealthy Affiliate hits the nail on the head. It is a true affiliate marketers library of resources. A place where you can turn a passion into a profitable online business.

        I love Grace’s work ethic and drive. As a member you are privy to her awesome webinars.

        I may be biased but its a proven step-by-step that had made many people successful.
        Thank you.

        • Thank you Lisa,
          I agree there is so much to learn with Wealthy Affiliate and they have so many tools to help you, live classes, blogs, questions you can ask right in the platform, etc. Grace and so many others display great work ethics and have so much to offer to beginners and those that aren’t beginners but need a refresher.

          To your success,
          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      7. Thanks dear for your post. I am a new premium member of wealthy affiliate site. So far things are going on pretty well. I like their step by step training and other services. One thing I like most besides training that all members are supportive to help other members, so it’s like a global family in one platform. Thanks again for your inspirational post an let’s see how far I can go. 

        • Hello Fahim,

          Wealthy Affiliate really does offer support like no other program I have been.  At Wealthy Affiliate everyone really does look out for one another. Like you said a “global family” all rooting for each other’s success!


      8. Hi, awesome beginner’s story. First, accept my thanks for writing a very detailed and inspiring article. I am happy you found this helpful topic. I like seeing some success stories too. Like you, I have also been searching for programs that don’t try to up-sell all the time. I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say thank you. For sharing this quality post with others.

        Actually, this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about Wealthy Affiliate and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in detail. A place where you can turn a passion into a profitable online business. It’s a proven step-by-step that had made many people successful.

        Again thanks to you now I am sharing your post to my friends.

        • Thank You sir for this kind comment you put here.  I am glad I was able to shed some light on the subject for you and you were able to make your own decision.  To me that is most important, that individuals can try a program free and come to their own conclusions.  Thank you for sharing with your friends.

          Wishing you the best and to a great future!

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      9. Thanks for such an amazing and in depth review of wealthy affiliate. 

        I am still quite new to the program but i know from the few months spent here that this is a wonderful place to learn and the helpful resources on wealthy affiliate is next to nothing.

        I love reading the success stories as it helps keep me focused. Thanks for sharing

        • You are going to continue to love wealthy affiliate and everything it offers as you continue in your journey with it!  With all the great training, classes and help offered within the community you wont be able to pull yourself away!

          All the best!

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      10. Hi Robert,

        Thanks for your honesty on making this review. I have to try WA, I have read another post about it. The best thing is that you shared your history before taking about WA. Most of the posts I read before, only focus on selling the product instead of sharing their experience. 

        This is not a short process I understand that. It can take a lot of time to create a good income and be successful online. However, after reading your history, I’m pretty sure I can do it and with WA help, I can create a passive income in the long term.

        Thanks again for your honesty and this complete review.

        • Thank You Andres,

          You definitely can do it! If you have the patience to learn, receive honest and helpful critiques from others than you will definitely become a success, and in your own time.  Everyone is different, some it takes a shorter time and some it takes longer.  The point is we all reach our destination, regardless of the time it takes to get there.  With WA you can ask any question and there is sure to be someone who can help you with it, or help you find an answer.  The community on WA is top notch and everyone wants to see each other succeed and we all love each other’s success stories!! Stick with it and you will be telling yours too!

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      11. Hi Robert, it’s really glad to seeyour success story in wealthy affiliate, I’ve tried so many programs on making money online, but for my opinion wealthy affiliate is the most one for me, I like the training system and this nice community everyone always willing to you a help, especially i’m just a beginner of it, so happy to hear another successful story in WA, Thanks again for your inspirational post, I will try my best to make my own story.

        • Don’t worry your success will come, just keep persevering and following the training and you will be a great success!

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      12. This is concrete evidence of how your own personal experience of pursuing Affiliate Marketing came to an abrupt halt when you were scammed out of your money.  For the beginner who is unaware of the wolves out there, this is a great testimony of how you didn’t give up in spite of losing a lot of money, but you forged on determined to find our how to make money online to earn a better income.
        Your preseverance paid off and you found a wonderful Affiliate Marketing platform that is second to none and has helped you materialize your dream.
        I highly recommend the platform for anyone having any doubts about it who are reading this.

        • Thank You for this kind comment.  I have learned if you really want something, you can not give up, no matter how many times you get knocked down.  You may have to get up a few times, but you will finally find your truth; for me it has been Wealthy Affiliate.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      13. My take is that while the topic is interesting to me BUT what I do not understand is why there were no immediate introduction to the review topic of this article. That would have made the reader to be  more captivated and interested in whatever the writer is trying to handle and that should have followed just after the topic that and would have helped me to gain insight on what the Wealthy Affiliate as company do and who they are?

        The topic is very interesting especially for someone still searching for a genuine online business company to work with.

        With my personal experiences of having to search for many years for a genuine online company in mind I would kindly caution anyone who would want to check out Wealthy Affiliate or any other online business company to be weary of the mindset of get rich quick that is driving many people mad today and settle down to business and build a skyscraper kind of online business company that will stand the test of time

         Opinion about the topic is that the writer did some nice work in exhausting the major things that needed to be highlighted to help any reader gain some helpful insight on the topic under discussion.

        • Thank You David! And I appreciate your feedback.  I guess I was trying to give some background of my experience I had within the last year and didn’t want to jump right into the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.  See even though, Yes I am promoting Wealthy affiliate, I also am trying to help folks see what I took from my experience and hopefully due their due diligence before getting involved in ANY program, Wealthy Affiliate included.  As you stated yourself, I don’t want folks approaching this with a “get rich quick” mentality, and realize you have to build upon any business you get involved with.  That you have to have patience, put in hard work, and develop a brand for yourself.   Again thank you for your comment and your wise feedback.

          All The Best

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      14. Robert,

        I’d like to touch on a few things that you are speaking to.  I had a similar journey to your own, perhaps without quite as much time spent over the years due to working full-time in other arenas.  But definitely with the failures, let downs, and lost time.  

        Finding Wealthy Affiliates has been such a positive experience for me.  If people reading this who are interested in learning about online business or who are just getting into creating an online business take anything away it should be that this is by far the lowest cost option I’ve found that holds any merit.  

        Use the 7 days up! You will learn so much, and then a $49 a month cost for what additional features and services you gain is really truly nothing.  I do appreciate the option you speak about where you can pretty much pay for your membership or even make money by recruiting others into the program.  But for me, the true value is the immense support, education, tool base you get for creating a successful and high traffic website.  

        Regardless of whether you want to focus on sales or making affiliate marketing your primary objective, the Wealthy Affiliate Word Press based Site Rubix platform is by far one of the easiest ways to learn and implement the creation of the a successful website, and gives you ample ability to drive traffic to your site.  Which can then be monetized if that is your goal (which let’s be honest, if you are here reading, we can use). 

        Ultimately I just love the sense of community within Wealthy Affiliate, and the motivation they drive by setting goals and training that are easy to understand and easy to achieve.  Though it will take anyone time to get a successful site and marketing program up and running, the time flies by enjoyably because of this setup and community. 

        Great article and explanation my friend.  Hope to hear more!

        • Ken I appreciate this heartfelt comment.  Wealthy Affiliate has done so much more for me as well than just become a way to monetize a website (which I understand is important) but with each step of training you complete, you actually feel the refreshment of accomplishment,   Each step you take within the Wealthy Affiliate program brings you closer to building not just success but a greater feeling of worth, as with each accomplishment there are community members to congratulate and cheer you on and also who help encourage you when you fell like giving up!  Some people may scoff at this, but true success I feel comes when you work with a community, have a great support system and people who genuinely want to share in your journey; this is all at Wealthy Affiliate.

          Thank you again Ken,

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      15. I’m using Wealthy Affiliate as a blogging platform mainly for non-profit purposes like spreading the gospel and reminding entrepreneurs of the moral lessons taught in the Bible. Seeing these success stories, I think there’s nothing wrong if I will try to use WA for making profits. The more profits I will make, the more blessings I can share to others, and the happier the Lord will be of His son. So, thank you for sharing these success stories, for they opened a new possibility in me.

        • Gomer I first want to say God Bless you for what you are doing because that is very honorable and rewarding.  There is nothing wrong with making a profit if you are doing it honestly and to Bless others.  Continue to do what you are doing and continue to Bless others with your words, your story and your achievements as well.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

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