Premier Designs Fashion Jewelry Review 2019 – My Experience as a Jeweler and How You Can Really Make A Profit

Premier Designs Jewelry

Founded by Andy and Joan Horner in 1985. Joan Horner Passed Away in Dec. 2010.

Tim Horner (son) is now the current President

Three Different Start up packages:

Simple Sparkle for $395.00.

$300 in jewelry.

$50 in business essentials, and…

3-month trial website subscription.

Bling It On package which is $595.00.

$1,000 in jewelry.

$75 in business essentials.

3-month trial website subscription.

Luxe Launch Boutique option for $795.00.

$1,500 in jewelry.

$100 in business essentials.

6-month trial website subscription

Extra one-time jewelry discount.

Annual Renewal Fee:

$350 renewal license.

I no longer represent Premier Designs and am not making any profits for any links on this associated with Premier Designs; however any links on here for Premier Designs will lead you to the website of one of their jewelers.

Any other links on here non-associated with Premier designs will give me a commission in association with that link, at no additional cost to you.

My Experience


Above is a picture from one of several jewelry parties I represented and the lovely lady is one of the many hostesses of a PREMIER DESIGNS Jewelry Party. The particular theme for this party was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I have to say I had a lot of fun that day and the ladies had a blast playing games (there are fun games played during the party where everyone can win something) and trying on the jewelry. The hostesses can earn 30% of the sales at the party plus a lot of perks and bonuses. I believe this hostess earned $180 in free Jewelry (a little below the average) that day and only paid shipping (at the time only $4, regardless of how much jewelry is purchased and the tax .08%; just $18.40 for $180 worth of jewelry, not bad.

I joined Premier Designs in April 2014 and was active for about 2 1/2 years, the last year and a half, not really doing much because I was promoted at my job and I was too involved with my job to try to schedule parties with hostesses and I had some personal issues going on that had me distracted and I did not renew in 2018.

Let me briefly tell you a little about Premier Designs:

  • Founded in 1985 by Andy and Joan Horner
  • Created originally for stay at home moms and single moms
  • For representing Christian ministries (Now representing hundreds globally)
  • To create affordable high fashion jewelry

Premier Designs purpose is “To Enrich Every Life They Touch.” I was introduced to Premier Designs by a close friend and at first I laughed about it, because I was like “Me, a guy sell Jewelry? Not going to happen.” However, she explained to me that they didn’t have any actual male jewelers (the only ones at the time due to being the husband of the jeweler). She said that as a male I would probably do well because women would be impressed about a guy being able to do a jewelry show and show women different ways to wear their jewelry. She then proceeded to tell me that I would receive 50% of the sales and that I would get it immediately the same day as I cashed in on the Jewelry party and that when I sign up other jewelers I would receive 10% of their sales three legs deep, what they call the 10-10-10 plan, and those commissions would not come out of their pay, but the company would pay that directly to me. OK so the 50% and the 10-10-10 part is what got me; didn’t really care about impressing women with knowing different jewelry techniques. However, if I had to put on a show to make the bucks, I would give them a show (G-rated OK – get your minds out of the gutter).

So the friend that introduced me to Premier helped me with my first show and got me three bookings. I had to schedule them over the next two months because even before the promotion, I could only fit in a couple parties per month and could only do them in evenings or every other weekend. So I learned the steps (watching you tube videos and checking out jewelers websites talking about different party games and booking games) and before I knew it I was having so much fun doing shows, because of the games I would set up

  • one where I put a gift in a box, wrapped with paper and then covered it completely in scotch tape, put it in a bigger box, wrapped that and put scotch tape over that – it was a dice game – The 1st person on my left would start off and when I said go, she would go like crazy to get through the tape, as I ran with a box with dice in it to each lady as they would try to roll a double to get their turn to try. Ahhh…their faces when they got through the first box and thought they had it, to find there was another box inside wrapped in tape!
  • Another game I had them pick from a box and only they would see who they would be (Movie star, journalist, church lady, diva, etc.) and then they would go to the jewelry table pick what jewelry they thought would go with the choice they picked, put it on and then each was given a sheet to guess who was who (as they had to each perform their part); the one with the most correct would win a prize; If there was a tie, they both won a prize.

There were lots of other games, but those two were of the most popular. Then I would call up some volunteers to be :models” for me and whoever volunteered would be give “bling” bucks and those would go towards the “main prize” (usually a piece of jewelry of their choice for $35 and under – there were a lot of nice choices at that price too!). So I would then pick out jewelry that would accessorize with what they wore that day to the party. Then I would go about showing them the different ways to wear the jewelry. This is a brief video of one of the most popular pieces “Opening Night,” a 90-inch faux pearl necklace, that can be worn 32 different ways, this video just briefly shows some; during my show I would show 5 different ways, I wasn’t about to show all 32; I’d be there all night!

Next would be the “booking” game; this would consist of Two Big Dice and nine square pads with the numbers 1-9 on the front and on the bottom (that they couldn’t see, would be different options – $50 in free jewelry, pick a gift, or grand prize- $100 in free jewelry). I would tell the ladies the rules of the game, if they want to play they would have to honor what was on the back of the pad. If they got win $ amount jewelry, they would have to book a party with me and chose a date within the next three months and they would automatically get that amount of jewelry free at their party, even if no one showed up; as long as they kept the date and didn’t cancel. The other one was to pick a prize from the grab bag I had with miscellaneous little gifts (Premier offers their jewelers a site to get different grab bag prize, and let me tell you the woman love them! The jewelry was costume and not the Premier quality (people sometimes got this confused with Premier jewelry and thought that all Premier was cheap like that- but this was free prize jewelry)! I would always book at least 3 to 4 bookings every party. I would tell them. “I’m sure if you had a party your friends would come, especially (so-and-so – who hosted that party)” and of course the ladies would say ‘Yes, of course we will come to your party.”

Next would be shopping time:


As you can see from the Pictures, I had several pieces of jewelry to display and the ladies loved it! While they would shop, with the catalogs I provided to them, they would also be filling out the information slips (their name, address, phone number, email and the date and time they wanted to have their own party (those that were booking the party). I would also be counting up everyone’s “bling” dollars and would tell the one with the most to pick out a piece of jewelry for $35 or less, or they could pick any pair of earrings off the table. I think I may have been more generous than most, because being a guy and not being able to wear any of the jewelry, I gave away a lot of jewelry. However, the ones who would win that prize, would often be so excited they would buy a bunch of other jewelry to “accessorize” with the one they picked.

Now was the time to tally all the sales to let the hostess know what she received in free jewelry! Here is an example of one of my hostesses’ work sheet showing what she got in free jewelry:



The Hostess Heather’s address has been blacked out for privacy. So the yellow circle shows that Heather on top of the free jewelry she won, she also won a prize for a $25 jewelry piece, tax free. The big red circle is how much she received in free jewelry and the black square shows all she had to pay after the $4 shipping fee and the tax on the amount of the free jewelry. So she paid $24.04 for $291.40 worth of jewelry!

So I did push myself a bit the first two months and booked five parties. These were my earnings from my first five home shows:



The number with the blue line is the total amount of sales for all five shows; the number with the yellow line is the amount of free jewelry hostesses received for all five shows ( the number is a bit high as you can observe at the fourth show, the hostess received a good amount of bonuses); and last the number with the red line is my profit from all five shows. So within just 2 months I made back, and then some, for what I invested for, at the time there was a different package and I paid $800 plus tax, and received $1500 in jewelry, plus a jewelry bag, and some display items.

In my two and a half years of activity, I did 25 shows (I would have been able to have done so much more if my time hadn’t been limited, with the way I was making 3 to 4 bookings at every party) and made close to $15,000 profits. I really had some great experiences while being a part of Premier Designs and met some wonderful people along the way.



This picture is when I went to Texas for a week, and had the privilege to take a photo with the top sponsor in the entire US! These are a few other photos from the trip, I actually got to see Premier’s main factory in Texas!



These last two pictures are the lodgings that Premier payed for me to stay at and these are the incredible folks that were part of our NY team.

These last pictures are some of the accomplishments I received while I was active and was #1 top retailer in New York from April until September, and the person I sponsored was the #2 Top retailer in New York:



That is Grace in the picture with me above, who I sponsored, and I have to tell you, she is an amazing human being!



The last one I was #4, but that’s okay, it’s still awesome and Grace was still #2 and that made me really happy!

The Purpose For All Of This

So the reason why I put all these pictures up and spoke of my experience is there are a lot of reviews on the internet, and they write well and write very convincingly; however as the saying goes “a picture tells a thousand words.” I didn’t want to just get my point across in words, I also wanted to give visualization to show that Premier Designs is a legitimate MLM business. I know often when folks hear MLM, they want to run for the hills; but I hope I was able to show Premier is different. If you can come up with great ideas for your shows and have fun with the hostesses and their guests, you can be very successful with Premier over time. This is not a get rich quick business, it takes time, dedication and perseverance to succeed. Please check it out here for more information about what Premier is about:



If I had Known Than What I Know Now

Though I do not have regrets, because I know everything happens for a reason and it is all in God’s plan; I probably would still be with Premier today and probably be very successful with it, if I had been a member of Wealthy Affiliate back then, I would have created a website based on branding me as a jeweler with Premier Designs. That is what Wealthy affiliate has taught me, that by creating a website and branding yourself and using the proper keywords for SEO to get ranked high with Google, Yahoo and Bing, you gear yourself on the right path to success. For being with Wealthy Affiliate for just under three months and have already had 11 of my posts rank on Google and on the first page of Yahoo and Bing and even one of my posts rate #1 on the first page of all three (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), I would have soared with my Premier Designs career; unfortunately all the jewelry I had, since I couldn’t wear it, I gave to family and friends as gifts, and barely have any more left. However, I may not have been ready then, as I said before God has His reasons for putting me right where I am now. That I believe, may be to help someone else reach that success with Premier, as I am coming closer to mine with Wealthy Affiliate. Go ahead and check Wealthy Affiliate out, no credit card needed and it’s free to start out.


Are You A Premier Designs Jeweler

If you are a Premier Designs jeweler, than what are you waiting for? Create your own website and start branding yourself!


Though Premier has it’s own website that you have your jeweler number linked to and you can create a website for folks to check out the jewelry and a brief description about you, it doesn’t really brand you. Instead create a free website by using the tool above (using WordPress – one of the best in the world to build a website) through the Wealthy Affiliate platform and learn how to create great content that will have you ranking on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing! If you check out the jewelers at the top in Premier, you will see they have their own websites, where they have blogs and talk about ways to create a great party and give training and re-direct visitors to the their specific Premier Designs website through links. An example is Penny Lacey, very successful with Premier Designs and she has her own website (click here to check it out). On there she talks about the jewelry, but she focus on her, so you get to know Lacey. She has put a video on there telling her story and about her journey with Premier Designs and she puts in helpful tips for other jewelers.

It is extremely important to brand yourself through your website and by having your audience get to know you! Once you have gained their trust and they feel comfortable with you, they are very much more likely to buy from your Premier Designs site, or join Premier Designs under you, because they will feel like they in a way know you. It also will open the door for you to sponsor people that are not near you, and you will be able to communicate through your comment section of your website, keeping a constant open communication with all your visitors, and getting their emails. You can put you tube videos on your site, telling your story why you joined Premier, you can do videos of advertisements for Hostesses when new special come up, etc.

So you can see how having a website, branding yourself, will truly increase your success rate; so go ahead and input the information in the tool above and create your free website.

All my best and many Blessings!

Your Go To Affiliate (Robert)

Any questions you may have or would like to find out more, please leave your comments below in the comment section. I would love to hear from you and get your feedback.

Premier Designs

Packages Ranging from $395 - $795

Customer Service




Fair Prices on Jewelry



  • Support
  • Great way to create a following
  • Potential to earn a decent income


  • Not a Get Rich Quick Program
  • Have to be outgoing
  • Have to put the work in

Robert Warneck


  1. Hey

    That’s a great review of premier designs. The concept of having a jewelry party and making a living off of them is certainly unique. Also, it makes sense that they are designed for single-moms or homemakers. I have a few friends looking for something like this, I’m gonna direct them to this page and I am sure they will love this idea.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you for you thoughtful comment sir, It definitely is something wonderful for single moms and homemakers.  If your friends are outgoing and like to be creative and are comfortable speaking in front of a group, they can be very successful in Premier.


  2. The jewelries look amazing. More amazing is the fun you guys had while you were still a member of Premier Designs. I love that you were able to make money while bring value in jewelry.

    Thank you for giving us a detailed picture into the activities of Premier Designs. And your pictures are nice.

    All the best in your current and future endeavors!

    • Thank You Carol, I have many fond memories of the times I had during Premier Designs and it’s nice to have these pictures as reminders.


  3. Wow your site is really cool and it has a great design. Its great that it is meant to help people and that it is a place where people can go and work together. How long have you been working on your site because its obvious that you’ve been working really hard on it.

    • Thank You Mario, I have just been working with my site for only a little under 3 months!  Wealthy Affiliate has been monumental in their training to be able to create two websites.


  4. Premier Designs is definitely more than legit, being around since 1985 and still going strong after 34 years. MLM, in many ways can be a huge moneymaker for those looking to get into that type of business, but also doing so the right way. It definitely worked well for you, and I liked how you gave us a few visuals that showed your success with the company. It just goes to show that not only is there money to be made in MLM, but money can be made in a fun way as well, with all the games played and things of that nature. 

    • Hey Todd, yes I definitely miss the times I had with such a great group of people!  I really wanted to show that not all MLM’s are scams and that if done right , one can truly be successful!


  5. Wow that’s awesome Robert!

    $950 in one day! Although I have zero knowledge on jewellery, I do think Premium Design’s business model is excellent as their commission is rather lucrative. One question though, if I were to be a retailer, do I have to buy the jewellery inventory myself in order to sell? 

    • Riaz thank you for commenting!  I have to correct you, I made $950 dollars in my first five parties, which was over a 2 month period.  However, as I started to make more bookings, and started to create my own style, I was usually able to make close to $500 a party, but there was one great party when I did make close to $1000.  There are jewelers though who make close to a $1000 a party, but these are jewelers who have been with premier for quite some time and have websites and really know how to network.  As the packages explained, at the beginning of my post show, each one comes with a certain dollar value of jewelry.  The 1st for $395, comes with $300 in jewelry, the  2nd for $595 comes with $1000 in jewelry, and the 3rd for $795 comes with $1500 in jewelry.  The first package with $300 in jewelry, is actually a great way to start and actually everyone wants to see each other succeed, that many times you sponsor or someone will lend you jewelry for your party as long as they aren’t needing it.  You want to in the beginning use that jewelry for display only.  As you progress and start adding more jewelry to your display than you can begin to start selling off the table.  Many ways that folks add to their collection is , jewelers can host their own party and reap the benefits of a hostess and get free jewelry as well themselves.  Also there are many chances to win free jewelry and as you advance you earn bonuses and receive free jewelry as well.  The best thing to do, to really find out more is click on the link that says click here by the Premier designs logo and contact the person on that site.  They will be able to provide you with a WEALTH of information.

      All The Best, and I hope I was able to answer some of your queations.


  6. I think the concept of this business makes perfect sense. Jewelry is something that my business partner and I had in mind. I wonder if you would have made a ton more if you kept at it. The free jewelry for the hostess is where it’s at as well. I know that the competition for the top 3 spots is fierce. Interesting indeed.

    • Thank You Charles, and I believe that if I had the platform Wealthy Affiliate offers and created my website while I was still a jeweler I would have been 3x more successful with Premier Designs. I’m really considering re-joining.

      All My Best,

      Robert (The Helpful Affiliate)

  7. Hi Robert,

    Great review on Premier Designs. My aunt loves Jewelry. She buys stuff off TV all the time. This would be a great thing for her to do so she could make some money. I really think she would run with this. Plus it would get her away from the TV and spending all her money, haha. Maybe I could help her create a brand on the internet also.

    Thanks for the info,


    • Thank you for the comment.  I’m sure you aunt would be great at Premier and that;s awesome that you want to help her find something to help her make money and great of you to want to help her create her own brand – best by her creating her own website.

      Robert Warneck

  8. Thank you, Rob, for this detailed Premier Designs review.

    you have really gone a long way in convincing me of how great a business opportunity this can be.

    there is nothing like showing proof, especially a detailed one when talking about something.

    Because of so much scam associated with MLM, I.am one of such people who turn the other way once someone talks about MLM.

    But your words and proof of success does show that Premier Designs works and that one can succeed with it.

    I really like this idea of having my own brand and associating it with Premier Designs rather than just using the one they provide.

    I think I will take a look at this your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation to learn more about how it can help me if I eventually end up with Premier Designs.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    • Thank you Queen,

      I’m glad by showing examples and talking about my experience with Premier Designs , that you were able to conclude that not all MLM’s are scams or bad news.  If you do check out the Premier Designs link, the person who own that site, is amazing and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Premier Designs.

      All the best to you,

      Robert Warneck

  9. This is rather interesting. I have not known of jewellery in MLM business. You have provided good insights into this. I didn’t run to the hills 😉 so I believe people who start reading this will continue reading and gain valuable information from you. 

    Building our own website to promote our MLM business is something that we all should give a serious thought. It is a digital age and we certainly need to catch up.

    • Definitely Sharon, having a website creates a much better platform for our business.  Thank for not running to the hills 🙂


  10. Thanks very much Robert for explaining Premier Designs. I’ve been looking for another string to add to my bow and Premier Designs sounds like a lot of fun whilst being a decent money earner on the side too. It’s hard to know what’s legit and what isn’t when you see things advertised online, but from what you’ve shown me this certainly does look legit and it seems like they have been up and running for quite some time, which is always a good sign. 

    Do they provide you with any training before you host your first party? Thanks again Robert.

    • Thanks Melissa for commenting.  Yes Premier Design does training all the time.  Your sponsor or “your glam mom” if its a female or “glam dad” if its a guy; does your first show for you and they work with you, but what’s great about that , is that even though your sponsor does your first show, so you can observe how it’s done, you receive the free jewelry from that party and you also receive all the profits from the party.  You probably may wonder, well if my sponsor is doing all the work; do I have to give them a cut?  The answer is no, Premier Designs gives $200 to the sponsor for doing your first show; that money comes directly from Premier itself, not a cent from the profits you get from the  party.  Then after, your sponsor will continue to work with you, until you feel comfortable doing your own show.  There is training every month and they help you as well; you are definitely not left on your own.

      I wish you the very best, and Premier Designs is definitely legit and if you click on the links that bring you to Premier Designs website, the jeweler on that page is amazing and helped train me when I used to be a member,  She definitely will be able to answer any questions about Premier Designs.

      Robert Warneck

  11. Wow!!  This looks like a dream opportunity for my wife.  She loves making money and she loves jewlery.  The only issue is she isnt very good when it comes to sales. 

    Is there a lot of help for the distributers or after day one are they just left on their own.

    I look forward to your answer


    • Hey Dale, 

      The help and assistance, your wife would receive would continuously be ongoing.  If your wife is comfortable speaking to other ladies about jewelry and having fun with games like I mentioned in my post; she doesn’t have to be a seller.  Most times the jewelry ladies wear the jewelry themselves, as they always seem to fall in love with the pieces LOL.  They become a walking advertisement, the jewelry really is gorgeous and for affordable prices. So they get asked all the time “where did you get that jewelry?” or “wow! that jewelry is beautiful!”  and next thing you know the conversation comes up that they have their own business and the jewelry they’re wearing is from that business and it goes from there!  Also the young lady that is on that site referred to from my link is especially  helpful and definitely won’t just leave someone to the sharks!

      Thank you again for the comment!


  12. Thanks for providing this “hands-on” review of the Premier Design Fashion Jewelry program. This was a very effective way of showing that an MLM business model will work. They are selling products that have value, the focus is not just on recruiting new “associates” and you made money while having fun.

    Personally, I have had some bad experiences with the MLM model, but that was more a matter of the company I was working with and the setup of the commission structure plus the emphasis more on recruiting than on selling of their products, which were overpriced.

    How do the prices compare for the jewelry that you sell from Premier to the local stores? That was a big issue for me, as the products were 2-3 x the local market price (to be able to pay all the upline associates and etc.). The minimum spend per month was also such that you ended up spending more than you made in sales often.

    I have no doubt that the Premier program would work well when combined with the Wealthy Affiliate training and platform tools that you get as a member. I am a long-time member of that platform and can vouch for the value it offers. As you say, it is free to start and try out…

    • Hey Dave,

      It was a fun experience and during the time I was doing it , I never had any returns and only had to exchange jewelry three times; I think that’s pretty good for 2 1/2 years!  The prices of the jewelry range from $6 – $105, and their exchange policy is really incredible, as you can exchange any item within the first 60 days for free, no questions asked for any manufacturing defects. Then it’s only $7 after that.  They don’t need a receipt and don’t even have to return it in the original box it came in. In fact, one of those exchanges mentioned above, the customer gave me the jewelry piece they wanted exchanged in a plastic baggy!  Premier took it back just like that and exchanged it for a brand new one, no questions asked!


  13. Never heard of premier designs ænd how it works, Infact I’m fascinated at the way they use jewelries and parties as a strategy…That’s fantastic! I think selling jewellery is a great way to make money because you can never separate the jewellery from the women, they are just intertwined…I like your story and how you learnt so quickly to host this parties, it just goes to show that you can become an expert at anything once you put your mind to it…It’s true that most MLM schemes are scary but this one looks good…I’ll be sure to refer people to your post who’d be interested

    • Thank you Henderson,

      Yes I was surprised myself that I did as well as I did, because unlike the lady jewelers, who will wear the jewelry themselves and be a walking advertisement; I did it all from word of mouth.  I was really surprised as well how much fun it was doing shows.  Thank you for referring friends to this site. 

      All the Best,


  14. Dear Robert,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review post on Premier Designs. Sharing from your own experience adds more value to this review post.

    It’s representing Christian ministries, that’s really great news.

    You have provided a complete walk-through on how you conducted those shows which is helpful, Information on the two games are amazing. The video you embedded and the images you shared are informative.

    My wife is interested in jewels (Normally every woman lol). When I shared your post and the opportunity she was excited. She immediately bookmarked your post.

    I am amazed at your success with Premier and If possible restart it again because I can see you are awesome in doing that. Now you have the knowledge you are gaining from Wealthy Affiliate which is a great advantage.

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for the comment and you know it’s funny you mentioned it, because I have been thinking about getting involved in Premier again.  Your wife would most definitely have a blast.  The lady jewelers always fall in love with the jewelry themselves, so they become a walking advertisement, LOL.

      All the best to you,


  15. I like you for sharing your experience to help us succeed in what we do, God knows the best but it will be painful with the level you have been with premier design assuming you already have idea about wealthy affiliate it would have boom your business as a jeweller.

    what I really appreciate is that your experience is helpful for any one who is working for any business organization to also build their business aside working for company like Premier Design.


    • Thank you for your comment.  Yes if I had known about Wealthy Affiliate at the time I was doing Premier, I could have really soared with Premier Designs. Yet, also as you say, it is in God’s hands.


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