I’m sure you probably came across this because somewhere along your journey into affiliate marketing, or internet business, or even an offline business, you’ve been told you need or should have a website. Now you’re sweating, and wondering what did I get into? Now I have to build a website? Ugh I’m not tech savvy! Well take a breath, relax, and wipe the sweat off your brow. Not only am I going to tell you how you can build a great looking website, that ‘s EASY to set up, it’s FREE!






Hello Site-Rubix

Guess what? You CAN build a professional, great looking website and you don’t have to have any tech skills, know programming or have to pay someone to do it for you. SiteRubix, which is powered by Wealthy Affiliate, not only gives you the tools for free to set up an amazing website, it’s backed up:

  • By a community that will give you the support you need.
  • Training, Support and Tools to set up
  • Responsive and Mobile Ready
  • WordPress site
  • Site Protection against Spam, Hacking and Malware
  • All the “tech” stuff is done for you and included with each website you create

A Great Community

As previously mentioned SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate, and within that platform there is a huge community that has top professionals, with years of experience that want to assist you and see your website succeed, Once your website is created, you can ask for feedback on your website and receive constructive criticism by top affiliates and internet marketers in the business; and this is all for free! No other website builder on the market offers this!

Besides receiving feedback, you can also ask for others in the community to give a comment on your website, on a particular article or several articles. This is very important, because comments on your articles/blogs, show interaction within your website and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing – this is what they look for to index your website and get you better ranked within searches. There is so much here to ensure your website is successful; and that’s where the training comes in.

Your Not Alone

Did you think that once you built the website you would be left to your own devices to figure it out? Really now, do you think that’s how it should be done? Not with SiteRubix! They give you step by step training on how to create noteworthy blogs and how to get them ranked on the top search engines. You are also given insight to how to create great keywords for your blogs so they can get top ranked within these search engines! The training is down to earth and straight to the point, none of this tech jargon that make you feel someone took your brain and turned the heat up to 400 degrees! One thing I know that can be so frustrating is when you are trying to learn something, and the person doing the training teaches it to you like you have a degree in nuclear physics or something!

Well the training here is not just easy to follow, but it shows you videos on how to set things up, as well as, a step by step guide. So if you are confused by what plug-ins and widgets to put in your website or how to set up pages and posts? It’s all shown to you! You will also love how at the end of each training, there is a comment section where you can ask questions on the training, and you may even find within it your question already asked and answered! So don’t worry you will have assistance every step of the way! Go Ahead and give it a try:

Mobile Ready

Did you know that 50% of all searches are done on mobile phone and tablets? Each one having different screen sizes and if you don’t have an option to have your website formatted to fit these screens, that’s 50% potential lost right there. Yup! You guessed it, that is already formatted and done for you when you create a free website with SiteRubix. So another worry solved!


A Great Website Builder

SiteRubix is built through WordPress, which is one of the best! The themes created through WordPress with SiteRubix are all professional and aimed towards thousands of different niches and when you first get started you will be given several choices to pick from so that you can get you site up and running. By the way to get your site up, it takes only a few minutes. If you haven’t already, you can try it right here:

Check Out my video here on just how easy it is:

You’re Protected

There is unfortunately a lot of hacking and websites that get compromised because they do not have the proper protection. It is often why many people are wary about creating a website and I don’t blame them. You work hard to create a site and put content in it and then to have it suddenly get full of malicious malware or spammed is heart wrenching and down right annoying! Well again another worry satisfied with SiteRubix, and all the technical hoopla and functioning of the site is done for you; any technical changes done to formatting will all take place without interfering with the content on your website.

So all you have to think about is creating content on your website that expresses who you are and what your representing, which is what is the important factor for having a website branding who you are! Check out these screenshots:

It Really is That Simple

Well I hope you are able to conclude from this how easy with SitRubix, it is to build a website.

What are you waiting for, give it a try (what harm will it do – it’s free, what better way to try something out?) –

You see it’s easy, come up with a name, you will be told if it’s available, not available, or inputted incorrectly. Then once you do that, the next steps will be just as easy. Go ahead and let me know how easy it was to set up, if you had any issues, Tell me what your experience was creating your website with SiteRubix and how fun it was!

Looking Forward to hearing from you!

Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

Robert Warneck


  1. What a good article about SiteRubix. Very informative and clear. Why choose SiteRubix?
    Because it is free and above all a good website builder. Ideal to start if you do not want to spend money? If you buy your own domain name, can you transfer your website to that domain?
    By the way, I have retweeted your article.
    Good luck

    • Hi Peeters,

      Yes you can transfer your domain name right onto your siterubix website and the great thing the training shows you how to do it step by step!  Thank you as well for retweeting my article!  

      All the best in your endeavors!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  2. Site Rubix as you mentioned is a great choice for building your own website. At first, I was kind of hesitant to try this out ’cause I was doubting myself on whether I can make it. I am still getting by with the training on how to set it up. I must say it’s pretty easy. Whenever I get lost on something, I could easily get back on the lesson I want. 

    Any user will never get lost with Site Rubix. Since it’s a feature from Wealthy Affiliate, anything that I need to know is answered by the supporting members available. Making a content is another easy thing. It provides guidelines on how you should do it, you can customise your page to your liking, and it has an edit tools for those who are not good at writing, spelling and grammar. 

    Thanks for sharing this. A lot of people who wanted to shift into online business can opt to choose site rubix if they want to have their own website.

    • MissusB Thank you for your comment!

      Let me tell you, between SiteRubix and it’s connection with Wealthy Affiliate, has helped me so much with creating content for my website and the formatting they provide has been so useful!  I was so nervous to create blogs and a website, but my fears were squashed when I had a platform that helped me to find the best of me and how to put it into words.

      To your success!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  3. Siterubix was behind my success story while creating my first website. Thanks to wealthy affiliate for this opportunity. They provide 24/7 protection to the website. My siterubix website is doing very well just like the normal website. I have been using it for quite a month now and am in the process of converting into real website. I was not left alone because each time I asked questions, there was always quick response. Which other platform can provide this opportunity except wealthy affiliate? Am good to go in becoming an affiliate marketer because I have enough interactive contents on my website. This review will go a long way in helping begginers. 

    • Hi Stella!

      Thank you for this encouraging comment!  So glad to hear of your success and your write with SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate combined , you are headed right down the path to ( or I should say right up the path – LOL)  to success!

      All the Best!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  4. Hi, Robert.
    Thanks for the beautiful article on Site Rubix and its advantages.
    How much can be oversimplified with Site Rubix is awesome. Starting from the development of the first page of website to all the technical stuff of widgets, looks, design and even security is taken care by Site Rubix. We only need to customise it as per our taste.
    Indeed a Great Platform for beginners.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Guarav and thnaks for visiting my site.

      SiteRubix really has been such a great platform to learn from and it is so nice to be able to customize to my style and my personality and the techy stuff is done for me.

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  5. Great article!
    I haven’t put much thought on SiteRubix the first time I entered WA.
    It is amazing to know that even if it’s for free, your site is given protection which, in my opinion is huge factor to consider on having your first website.

    Plus the fact that, there will be people who are willing to help you.
    SiteRubix is definitely recommended for beginners.

    • Hi Mina and thank you for visiting my site! SiteRubix is Great for beginners! Also as you say having a community that will help you alongthe way, adds even more to the value of it!

      To great success in all you endeavors!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  6. SiteRubix is a great resource whether you are building your first website, or you have many. It’s easy and fast to set up a free account. It has all the features an experienced blogger/website owner looks for plus it provides step-by-step tutorials for newbies. I have made it my go-to for starting any new site, then I simply transfer it to a .com when the foundation is set (which can all be done on site through WA). Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to start a website or blog.

    • Thanks for visiting Cris! I am in total agreement, a great place for learning to create a website, backed up by an excellent company; Wealthy Affiliate, and very easy to switch the account over to a personal domain.

      To all your success,
      Robert ( Your Go To Affiliate)

  7. I have always been against free website because we always think what is free is not of good quality. But I have witnessed the contrary with my siterubix website. It is a WordPress website, easy to use, safe and it is indexed in Google and other search engines. I was greatly surprised and I really like it 


    • I felt the same way too at first.  I thought oh this is going to be a cheap, bad looking website.  Yet with having a WordPress site and the help of sitrubix’s platform, it is of very high quality!  

      To your continued success

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  8. Great topic and presentation. Site Rubix is really one of a kind website builder platform to build a website.

    Everything you wish for a website are here at Site Rubix. All the way from being a mobile ready up to the protection from spammed and malicious malware attack.

    The Site Rubix platform is ideal for aspiring affiliate marketer as it easy to set up and take only a few minutes to build.

    A very well done platform for beginners.

    • Yes it really does help a beginner build a professional, quality website.  As still a beginner, the platform that is with t siterubix is incredible with the support offered and the training how to get it up and running!

      To Success!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  9. Excellent article.  I am new to using Site Rubix, but I am loving it.  I have used Word Press platforms and am most experienced in using Square Space if not using a basic HTML editor for web page creation.  

    At first, I was thinking to myself “This seems pretty simple” and honestly, not much different than the other selections out there.

    To me, two things stick out with Site Rubix.  First, as you mentioned, the amazing support available through Wealthy Affiliate and Site Rubix for troubleshooting, creating content, and just overall support and community.

    But on top of that, what I am really enjoying is the Word Press/Site Rubix plugins.  They make it so very easy and affordable to utilize all sorts of amazing plugins without any hassle or extra cost.  I love SEO, and it’s such a huge part of having a successful website whether you are in sales or not.  The options within Site Rubix seem to be very extensive in this regard, and in many more arenas besides SEO (i.e security, add-ons, buttons, and many more).  

    I am glad that you are spreading the word to people looking to get into site building either for the first time, or re-entering after a hiatus.  People need to realize this is no joke, it’s literally as easy as watch a few tutorials and BOOM you have a working e-commerce, sales, affiliate marketing, content based or any other type of website. 

    • Thank you Ken for your comment! I love the sense of security I feel on my website by using siterubix/wordpress combined!  It really is simplified and can ease the mind of even the most apprehensive.

      To great success!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  10. When you have substantial experiencing blogging and marketing online, the first thing that comes to your mind when you see an offer like this is, free means poor satisfaction. I have experience building a website and blogging with free services like Google’s Blogger, Free Webs, Wix, and Altervista, and they all suck. Either things are slow or lots of ads on the sides. 

    So, when I was introduced to this free site builder of Site Rubix, I expected the same. But I was wrong, because it’s so much better! No ads, websites are fast, and it’s just the same as if you have bought a hosting and installed wordpress blogging software in your hosting account. Probably the best that I’ve ever seen!

    • Gomer I thought the same thing at first!  I thought what kind of quality website will I get if it’s free… I was wrong and pleasantly surprised!  Never been more happy to be wrong (LOL)!  I’m glad you found siterubix to be worth it as well.

      All the best,


  11. This is great information for people like me who was a bit scared of building a website for myself. I remember when I started to look for ways to supplement my income and earn money online. I had some friends that were having success but they all told me that I needed my own website to really make more than I was selling on eBay.

    So I looked into Wix and Weebly but they just didn’t sit right with me. My friends told me to look into WordPress and one of them showed me how easy it was to create and post content. Long story short I have a website but I wish I had heard about this Wealthy Affiliate you speak of here. The ease and community support sound like what I need.

    Even though I already have a website I think that if I become a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can accelerate and expand my goals for making money with my own website. I was at first fearful of building my own website but I got over that. But as a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can use that Site Rubix website builder and make another website. I’m excited!

    • Robert you will not only be thrilled with the fun of making another website with siterubix, but also of the community spoken about at Wealthy Affiliate!  Every last person (including myself) want to see each other succeed and are ready to help in whatever way possible!

      To Your Success!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  12. This all seems so simple. Can a novice with no computer experience do it? I know it says that there are pieces of training and tutorials but I am just not very computer oriented but I still want to learn and be successful. I have a lot of ideas and just don’t know where to start. It seems like there are so many scams out there. How did you come to trust site rubrix and WA?

    • Charity,
      Thank you so much for your comment and for your questions! I knew nothing about building websites, or about plug ins or widgets(widgi what?) Seriously, but with siterubix/Wealthy Affiliate, they show you everything! Yes I was skeptical at first with Wealthy Affiliate, because I thought, “If no credit card is required, and its free to get started, how good could this really be.” Also once I did go on the “inside,” what type of up sells would be waiting for me? As what had happened with so many other programs I has looked into. Yet Wealthy Affiliate was different, I could stay a free starter member forever if I chose, and I still would get the tools to build a website, a community I could interact with and who actually cared about each other’s success, and there was only one upgrade and that was to Premium; either a monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly payment and that was it! The training is actually on training you, and no sales funnel at the end of their training to up sell you something else. You actually learn something here, Wealthy Affiliate actually shows you how to brand yourself around your niche and how to build an audience, rather than just bring it up in conversation of something you need to do and then leave you high and dry as to what’s next. Their training goes step by step so you can learn at a pace that won’t overwhelm you. This is why I decided on Wealthy Affiliate and recommend it to everyone!
      Thank You,

  13. You are certainly right. When deciding to enter into the online marketing business I was a bit panicked about the idea of setting up and paying for a website. I decided on WA so I’m familiar with site rubrix and now have two websites on WA. However, it is clear that if one intends to succeed in WA you have to become a premium member. Do You agree? While you make it clear that WA offers a free website tool the question becomes how do you use that tool to make money. Making money online is the goal of any of us online marketers, especially in the beginning. Many sites promise quick money and pie in the sky, costing time and money. Your explanations are great and lay out the substantive and procedural aspects of starting a WA business. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliates?

    I  see that a large part of our efforts will have to involve reviews of websites, services, and courses. From your explanation, Wealthy Affiliates University has a fantastic program. I like how you described it as fully functional and honest. When I first encountered  WA, online I read a lot about it and researched many others and started out for free but realized that if my plan was to make money I had to be willing to put money in, so I became a premium member. You explicate WA contents, elements, and training process very seriously and succinctly. This is my first real venture into the online space and after much research, I settled on Wealthy Affiliates. I felt that they could deliver on the promises that most affiliate marketing sites make. You’ve helped hone my thoughts.

    Thanks for this good information. 

    God bless you!

    • Ronald thank you for your comment and I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for only two months and I have learned so much!  More than any other program I got my self involved with previously.  I believe the free starter program is a great way to get started to find out what it takes to start an affiliate business online, whether it is promoting projects in a niche your passionate about or choosing the make money online niche. The starter program of WA is like the foundation of the house.  It is what gets you grounded, than from there you will find the value in wanting to build on that foundation, and that is going Premium.  See what I find makes it worth ones while is that $49 a month or paying Yearly at $359 is way less than what many other programs offer and they don’t teach a fraction of what you learn and take from WA.  See many other programs always have their training’s become  a sales funnel into an upsell.  Not at WA, they give training and classes and it is just that!  You pay the one fee to go Premium, whether monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly and that is all.  Even after you complete both training courses, there are ongoing live training every Friday and you can even archive past training, and none of these have any upsells in them, they are pure training to teach and help you!

      You are in the right place here on Wa!  To your sure Success!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

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