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    When you have a talent and put in a lot of hard work to create a piece of art, you deserve to get credit for it. How often have you drawn a picture or a cartoon and hear, “Wow you’re really talented!” Probably all the time and if so why not have a way to sell it? You could go around trying to sell it, but why not reach a much larger audience and sell it online and truly get rewarded for your talent.


    Finding A Good Platform


    With any type of product you have or create, you need a platform to sell it on. You need to build your audience and attract them to your product, in this case, your art.

    There are many forms of advertising your art, you can post images of them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…) and create ads through their business site.

    Another way is to do YouTube videos, showing your art and you can even do videos of yourself creating your art for all to see. You have to do a lot of these and start creating a following and have folks subscribe to your channel. See that’s what brings you in money is the amount of subscribers, more so than the amount of views.

    To be successful at all that was just mentioned, is something worth repeating, Building An Audience!

    Building Your Audience

    The best way to start creating an audience is having a website. It is very important to have an engaging website that will draw people’s attention and to be informative about your art and how long you have been creating your work. It is important, as well, to have examples of your art on your site. By being engaging, you are continuously writing posts on your site and adding in blogs.


    You create a comments’ area, so folks can leave their reviews of your artwork and you can have discussions with them.

    You’ll need to create widgets on your website to help them search through categories of your art, and have plenty of items to choose from.

    All this will help your site get ranked in the search engines and that will in turn bring traffic to your website, and the more traffic, the higher the ranking and more chance of getting sales. That way when someone is searching for cartoons, or artwork to buy, it will bring them to your site by how well it is ranked; like how you found this website.

    I know you’re thinking: OK so how do I do all this, how much is this all going to cost, etc…

    You can create a website, be trained how to be successful with all that was mentioned above and more for no charge. The place where you can get this is at Wealthy Affiliate; and I’m going to tell you a few amazing benefits of this incredible program.

    Wealth Affiliate


    The stress and worries about building a website and getting noticed is all taken care of here. They have a starter program where you can create two free websites and they show you how to do it step by step. You already are ahead of the game because you already have your niche (area of interest you are passionate about – your art). You will be shown how to optimize the best options for keyword search using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They use WordPress for website creation, and WordPress is one of the best out there for use of content management systems. According to a 2018 stat, WordPress is used by 60% of the market!

    That is key to having a successful website – personalizing it to you, this way you are “branding” yourself. On WordPress, you can create your posts, blogs and truly create a professional website exhibiting you art.   Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to do this for free! Regardless of whether you choose Wealthy Affiliate’s 100% Free starter program, as I was briefly covering in the prior paragraph, or the fully extensive Premium Program ($49/mo or $359/annually) you should purchase a domain name(something that can be done at Wealthy Affiliate for a VERY reasonable cost.) This is so important, because when you have found a very creative domain name (the name of your website) you want to OWN it. For more on this incredible platform and how to get started, check out my post giving more in-depth detail about Wealthy Affiliate.

    Show Your Art and Be Engaging



    Just the way I incorporated those images into my page here, you would do that with your artwork, copying them from your Pin Interest page, Instagram and other social media platforms.  A great way to bring an audience to your page is to do a review. You can write a post reviewing an art school and the benefits of going to that school, or why someone should not go to that art school. Create a blog sharing other’s art work and have an open discussion about it. The more you post and blog about your art and other’s artwork, the more your site is going to be noticed. You want to receive lots of comments on your posts and blogs, the search engines love that!

    You may even get a surprise from a host you reviewed on or discussed their artwork on in a post or blog, asking if they can premier that on their website. This is a big thing because their site may receive a lot of traffic and in turn will bring more to your website. You can probably collaborate with companies such as Amazon or similar and create your art website with their affiliate program. Nowadays Amazon has everything!

    Make sure you are engaging with your audience and providing them with good feedback, as well as respecting their feedback as well. Be considerate how your posts are written, it is okay to be opinionated but you want to be tactful.

    A Beautiful Website Created

    There you go, when you stay constant on your website every day and post an article at least once a day, and a blog a day you will have a beautiful website in place; it is difficult at first to apply this, but in time it will begin to flow. It is important to start this right away because you want to start branding yourself as soon as possible. Soon you will have an incredible looking website that will actually be bringing you in a passive income monthly and eventually bring you a full income. Plus it will give your branding to your art. Don’t be surprised if at some point, when your website starts to build a heavy traffic flow of people coming to your site, engaging on your site and purchasing on your site, that you may receive offers to buy your site, and it is not uncommon for folks to sell their sites in the upper 5 digit range!

    So don’t wait, create that website, get the credit you deserve and have your hard work noticed and do it on a platform that will take you to that next level – WEALTHY AFFILIATE.


    Your Go To Affiliate

    Please leave any questions or comments below, would love to hear your thoughts and what ideas you may have on creating an “artful” website.

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      Robert Warneck


      1. Thank you for such an engaging post. As an artist myself I remember back in the day when hauling your portfolio around to agencies was the only way to get noticed. It’s great how times have changed, and by building a website and creating regular content, ou can o it all from the comfort of your sofa!

        • Kathy,
          Thank you. I am not per say an artist in the form of drawings and paintings; however I do write and that too is a form of art. I can just imagine how much more relaxing and less stressful it may be to create and design all from your couch! That’s why I posted this, I have friends that create such beautiful artwork and would love to see them create their own website to display all the beautiful work they do and show value to their hard earned work.

      2. Hello!
        What an informative article! I’m not much of an artist in the sense of drawing or painting, but I do like to write and I think that is an artist in its own sense.
        You have just given me some ideas that I can use and do more research on.

        Did you make those art yourself by any chance? If not, do you make art?

        Awesome information. Thank you for this!

        • Thank you! No I wish this was my art, found some beautiful examples though! I’m actually a writer as well and most definitely that is a form of art! I do love art though and thought I could help someone who creates it and wants to build a brand for themselves.


      3. That’s some great information. That’s really amazing the number of things you are able to do in order to get your work noticed. Also, as you mentioned, if you are able to become involved with another site that has a lot of traffic, it will help yours as well. Great information for anyone starting out.

        • Hi Justin,
          I agree, there is SO much one can do to really emphasize what they love to do! There are quite a few bloggers,who write very complimentary and detailed articles or review on a product, that website will ask to use their blog on their website, and it really is a win-win for everyone.

      4. The art of marketing is great and the endless ideas that can make you a profit are really priceless. At WA we get the chance to make our own art on our own website, Sky is the limit! That is why everyone should join.

        • Hi Claudia,
          Ii is so true, that’s why I feel it is so important to constantly be blogging and writing posts, an engaging with others, and always learning more and more. The more knowledge we gain, the better we are for it.

      5. This article reminds me of the guy that sold – for $19,95 ranging up to $29,95 doodles of a cat with a hat! and would post the doodles to his customers.

        …………………over $200,000 was earned!.

        On top of that and his crazy YouTube video doing a dance and a song to promote the servce managed to get $25,000 from shark tank to get his project off the ground.

        And we are not talking about fine works of art, just doodles of a cat with a hat!. Imagine what a real artist could achieve!

        • Very good analogy Derek. That is amazing, and that’s why I believe artists could really profit from this!


      6. The internet has changed the way we promote so many things. I think it is pretty handy that artists can show their work online as opposed to physically carrying a portfolio from place to place. They can probably reach a larger audience this way too!
        Thanks for the information about starting a website and the tips about getting involved and making contact with other sites as a way to grow your own site. This is a great strategy.
        I have a website and last week I wrote a review about a gorgeous piece of jewelry I was promoting. Before I published the review I made contact with the artisan. I explained what I was doing and in response to my review of their product they gave me a “shout out” on their website! It was a “win win” situation for both of us.
        Thanks for your article!
        Have a great day!

        • Hi Angela,
          I’m so glad to hear that you had that correspondence with the artisan of that jewelry piece! I can tell that you are a savvy thinker! I am sure success is on your doorstep!

      7. Interesting, and helpful article on how to sell your art online. I know some artists, and it seems they most struggle to make a good living with it. With the advent of the internet, it should become somewhat easier, if one learns how to take advantage of it. Your information should be a boon to any struggling artists or other self employed people that need to know how to showcase their business online. Well done, Tom

        • Thank you Tom! That really is the goal of my article and website, to share ideas that I hope will benefit someone. If just one person can take away something from this that helps their success, than I’m doing something right!

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