Is Affiliate Marketing Worth it – Overcoming Four Big Hurdles

Four Big Challenges
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    Four Big Challenges

    Affiliate Marketing can be an amazing journey to success and lead you to a lifestyle you only dreamed about. However, getting to that point can often feel frustrating and light years away and may have you asking; is affiliate marketing worth it? To answer that it is important to know what hurdles you’ll encounter and ways to overcome them.

    There are of course many hurdles you’ll face as you progress through affiliate marketing and they will be challenging, and here I will be speaking about four big ones. Overcoming these four, I believe will help you in the future with those other hurdles you jump through.

    Feeling Overwhelmed


    When starting out Affiliate Marketing it can feel so overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from.

    overwhelmed with decisions


    • What Affiliate program to choose – Choosing the right program is one of the biggest to tackle, because there are so many and they all say they’re the best. You have to be patient and do your research, see what they offer on the up front. Do they bring you in with a small fee and than find out you have to pay another, but higher fee, to learn the next steps and they keep charging you more and more? Does the program allow you to try it for free for a short period, with an option to upgrade? This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on if the upgrades are very costly and they seem to want to keep upgrading. However, there are ones that have a reasonable upgrade fee, where you can do it monthly, every six months, or yearly. These are good ones especially if the free option you initiated with still gave you something to work with and can still benefit from it; so that you can make a decision further on down the line if you aren’t ready to make one right away.
    • Does it feel legitimate – A very important aspect to keep in mind is if the program actually has products, or at least trains how to build a website based on a product of your choosing. However, if it seems like it is more on a basis to get more people in to just click on a link and than get them to try to buy a more expensive part of the program and there is no product base, this might be a sign to back away. This type of affiliate program is bordering on being a pyramid, and definitely can be in danger of getting shut down by the FTC (Federal Trade Commissions).
    • Choosing a “Niche” – So you keep hearing this word and wondering what is this? So Let’s talk on that real quick – a niche is a subject you feel passionate about : Healthcare, Herbal Products, Self-Help, Dieting, etc… So when you decide what you are interested in and it is something that really drives you, that’s what you want to base your affiliate business on. This also gets overwhelming because you see a lot of competition out there and often a myth that you have to pick the most popular and lucrative niche to be successful. This is not necessarily true because when you create a website around your niche it the content you write about it that draws someone in, The more passionate you are about it the more confident you’ll feel talking about it. If you just choose a niche because it’s popular but you don’t believe in it; it is going to be difficult discussing subjects about it and will not come off as genuine as something you are passionate about.
    • How Much Do I have To Learn Before I Make Money – You probably hear this all the time, but it really is a truthful one, it depends on you. You have to be able to give it some time. Even if it is just a few hours a week at first, but if you do nothing you achieve nothing. If just starting out you need to learn and if you join a program that gives you a step-by-step lesson format, than take advantage of it and take as much time as needed to learn. Ask questions if you feel stuck or lost on something; especially if they have a forum where you can speak to other affiliates in the program who are more advanced. Many have A Facebook page where members can communicate; however there are those that right in the program itself there are options to ask questions and an open forum for it as well; I personally prefer the latter. Because I can just stay on one site and don’t have to jump over to Facebook to ask a question. Think for a moment, if your new to affiliate marketing and you feel clueless on how to get started, it only makes sense to take your time learning everything you can about it. It is important as well when going through training steps that you take action on each new thing you learn- that is a vital part of starting to work your way to success. Plus avoid going from one program to another and another (talk about being overwhelmed!); that’s the next subject we’ll be discussing.

    Shiny Object Syndrome


    shiny new objects

    When you start an affiliate program, tons (and I mean tons) of emails will stop popping up in your email about this program and that program. You’ll see all kinds of ads about the next best thing” and so on. If you go from one program to the next, to be completely honest, you will never achieve success. You’ll get discouraged and you’ll spend so much time trying to find the “best” affiliate platform, and all that time spent on doing that will get you “zilch!” That is why it is so important to research and find a program that works for your needs and for your budget, BEFORE joining one. Once you find yourself a program that you have researched on, googled, likely have watched YouTube videos on, stick with that one and learn all you can and don’t let yourself get caught up by the “shiny new thing.”

    Another important matter to point out is, to not let yourself get distracted by social media. It is very easy to want to go check an email real quick or a Facebook message, a twitter, an Instagram follow, and suddenly find hours have gone by and you have done nothing that involves your affiliate business, and before you know it the whole day is wasted. Also, even on the platforms that have a forum for messaging other affiliates this happens. Too often you will see affiliates messaging each other and it starts to get away from helpful chat to gossiping, telling stories, etc and start wasting time away from your learning. Trust me I have been guilty of it myself! So just get in with your question and once you have it, politely excuse yourself and get back to business. It is so important to stay Focused on the task at hand. So if you dedicate one hour a day to your business, then you need to spend that whole hour just on working on your business and avoid distractions. It’s best when you’re taking that time to work on your business in a quiet place away from too much noise, or wear earplugs if you don’t have a particular place to work on it. It’s these distractions that take away from you being able to move closer to your success and get you feeling like you’re not going anywhere; so onto the next topic.

    False Expectations

    false expectations


    Many new affiliates start out with the notion that they will make a lot of money in a very short amount of time, and though you can make success in a shorter amount of time than the traditional ways, you will not be a success overnight. When just starting out as a new affiliate, and you are just learning about the internet marketing world, there is so much to learn and you are always continuing to learn. Those that you see online that seem that they made a huge success in such a short time, are those that have already created some online success either from other marketing programs, blogging, YouTube. These are folks who have been in the “business” awhile and have a good knowledge of what to do.

    As hard as it may be, you have to have patience, realize that success takes time and dedication. At the same rate you are learning, you must take action during your learning process; doing nothing, gets you nothing. Beginning out, you have to stay Focused, yes I used that word again, because it is vital! Staying focused and on track will eventually lead to your success, but you have to be willing to take your time learning and receive criticism. You have to understand you are going to make mistakes along the way and be willing to fail at things; and that leads us to our next discussion.

    Repetitive Failures

    failure leads to success

    Guess what, you’re going to fail a few times, but that’s how you learn and you can’t fear failure. You must approach this as a business owner, because essentially that is what you will be. As, a beginner, you cannot approach affiliate marketing with an employee mentality. Employees base their work on earning a paycheck, as a business owner, you create and decide how big your paycheck is by the amount of time you put into it. Business owners all the time face failure, but dust themselves off, learn from their mistakes and start again. Those are the business owners who eventually become successful. Even with traditional businesses, that is how the ones became successful. Yet if you quit the moment something goes wrong, then you will never reach the level of success you’re trying to accomplish, and are approaching it with an employee mindset.

    That is another important word to take mind to, and that’s mindset. You have got to train yourself to get in the right mindset when starting on any business endeavor. If you don’t tell yourself that your going to be a success, no matter what and how many times you mess up, than it will never happen.

    Yes Affiliate Marketing Is Worth It

    its worth it

    In my opinion, affiliate marketing is definitely worth it, if you are willing to accept that you will come across these hurdles and more. When the dedication and time is put forth and the reserve to persevere, you will find success with affiliate marketing and all that you endeavor. Remember to stay focused, stick to one thing at a time and don’t give up on yourself. Affiliate Marketing can be a blast when you get the right mindset and stay on track. You’ll meet other affiliates who are where you are at and also “well seasoned” affiliates as well.

    You not only build great relationships with the other affiliates, but with those you set a report with on your website and your posts. Affiliate marketing, though you have to really put the work in and take action every day, can be extremely lucrative and can help you get a feel of what being a business owner is about. I have a suggested affiliate program to look into, of course, but that will be discussed in another post!

    To Your Success!

    Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

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      Robert Warneck


      1. Nicely thought out and well presented. Thank you. I am glad I found your website. Affiliate marketing is not a quick fix. If you need money in a hurry try something else. Many give up too soon. Thank you for pointing this out.

        • Thank you Alister, I appreciate your comment! All the best wishes to you and your success!

      2. Love the the article very informative showing pros and cons, really help me get an idea how I want to go with my site. Nice image content and advertising for wealthy affiliate. Keep adding to your site let me know when you get more information and content. Can’t wait to see what products you publish.

        • Thank You D’ontre, I am looking forward to adding more content on my site.  Wealthy Affiliate definitely has been an incredible platform to learn how to build a website and create blogs.  Best thing is the idea of paying it forward, where everyone really wants to help each other out.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      3. Well written Robert,

        I have to admit, the shiny object syndrome got to me as well. I know what I have to do to grow my Affiliate Marketing blog but every time there’s a new program coming up, I ended up trying that one out and getting disappointed whilst wasting precious time that I could have used to work on my blog. 

        Glad to know that it’s not just me that fell prey to distractions, do you yourself get distracted sometimes too? 😀

        • Oh Riaz, I am ashamed to say I get distracted soooo easily!  Every time I read something about , this will help bring money to your website, or the perfect widget to add, etc… and then I get caught up in it and get confused.  I have to remind my self all the time , that I am not at that level yet and I have to tale a breath and realize that I need to take it one step at a time.  To Continue writing blogs and to follow training step by step.  It’s definitely not just you and me though LOL, I’m sure there are a few people out there that have fallen prey to this.

          All My Best,


      4. So refreshing to read a post about affiliate marketing that reminds us all that success is not a given. That it’s not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ endeavour and that it will take time and hard work to achieve what you have set out to do. MIndset at the outset is key and you have drawn attention to that. Most ‘new’ businesses are not expected to make a profit in the first few years. It takes time to build a customer base that is loyal and trusts you. So many new businesses start up and do not have the right infrastructure around them. You have highlighted the four areas that need to be addressed and the advice is sound. Hopefully many more will join the ranks of successful Affiliate Marketeers and build their own future as business owners.

        • Thank You for this thoughtful comment.  It is hard I know when folks don’t see results right away and because so they think they joined the wrong program and try another, and another and same results- zilch!  Many forget that this is a business and needs to be treated as such.

          To great success!


      5. Hi Robert

        Thanks for the helpful advice, in my experience you really do get out of it what you put into it when it comes to affiliate marketing. My particular problem was the “Shiny Object” syndrome, I found myself jumping from program to program without finding a great deal of satisfaction in any of them. It wasn’t until I slowed down and really assessed what I wanted to achieve that I finally found the right program for me that has led to success.

        Thanks again

        • Me too Dominic, the “shiny object” syndrome has been my biggest weakness.  I still get caught up sometimes and see people with these amazing websites and feel , I need to get this and gotta get that, have to add this…and I have to remind myself to take it one step at a time and with patience and perseverance, I someday will be there too.

          To Great Success,

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      6. Hi Robert,

        I am currently dreaming of what working from home as a successful affiliate marketer would mean to my life, and that is absolutely the FREEDOM.

        On my search for common hurdles in affiliate marketing, thankfully, I came across your invaluable review, which I can relate to. There is overwhelming confusion on the internet about what is reliable and what is not when it comes to learning to earn money from home opportunities.

        As you said, identifying ‘shiny objects’ early is the key to not to get distracted by those pitchy marketers who at the end, add less to no value for the amount you pay.

        I agree with your comment to D’ontre. Wealthy Affiliate seems a reasonable program, which I should explore more on.

        Thanks again.

        • Thank you for your comment Skamalka.  Working on not getting caught up with the next ‘shiny object’ is a difficult one, because when you are new to all  of this, you are not completely sure the length of time it takes, and there are those out there that make it sound like it can happen instantly.  Wealthy Affiliate honestly is an amazing program that gives you the tools to build on a niche and on branding you and what’s great is you can join for free and create a website and get enough training to get started.  You then can determine for yourself if it is worth going further with the program and you only upgrade once.  Important to remind oneself is that Wealthy Affiliate is a tool to assist you in your journey to success, but we are the ones who determine how much success we will achieve by the amount of work we are willing to put into it.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      7. These are just true hurdles one need to figure out before we become a successful affiliate marketer. Getting the best affiliate marketing platform that can offer best training in creating and managing individuals affiliate website is the best. This will ease us the burden of flying from one website to another which can bring distraction along the way. Shiny object is one critical thing bending many people away from this online business. They do not meet what they assumed and keep failing. People with that mindset can not be affiliate marketer because it is not a get rich quick scheme and it requires a quality time, efforts,focus and commitment. Thanks for this review.

        • Stella it is so true, many people (myself included, in the past) have jumped from program to program because they don’t see the results they want fast enough, because they fall for these ads saying they can make $10,000 in 30 days.  The problem with that, is no one can say how much anyone can make in a certain amount of time when it comes to affiliate marketing,  It all comes down to putting in the work and reaching the right audience for your niche and that audience believes enough in you they buy from you and will even recommend you.  Like you say it takes time, focus and commitment.  We do that when we work at a job and that’s for a business that isn’t yours!  People should want to do that and more for something that is theirs.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      8. Thank you for explaining about affiliate marketing hurdles. I am a real newbie in this make money online thing, so I really confused about where should I start. I just make my own blog with very few post, but I can’t seem to find any program that is suitable for my website (maybe because my blog is too niche). Is it better to check the available affiliate program first before continuing my blog? Thank you for your information.

        • Alblue

          sure check out the affiliate program, but also your blogs/posts that you write just need to be about something you’re passionate about.  Don’t forget that a niche can be broken down into more detailed “micro” niches, so you can really fine tune what you want to speak about.  I had to learn that just writing and to keep writing, is what makes you get better at it.  Just remember don’t fill your post with a bunch of links, write about what you believe will be helpful to someone and fit a need of theirs.  Don’t worry if you mess up a few times, we all do, just keep at it and suddenly it will be like second nature to you.

          To Your Success,

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

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