In Need of a Search Engine Keyword Position Tool?- Jaaxy is Your Answer

When just starting out in your niche and building your website, you are trying to get noticed, but it can be difficult because honestly getting ranked in Google, or Bing and Yahoo for that matter, is darn difficult! To get that ranking you have to know the right keywords to use in your blogs and hope to get them indexed by those three main search engines. Wouldn’t it be such a blessing to have a tool that could analyze all this for you? Well you can with JAAXY!



Finding the Keyword Phrase that Fits

As you can see the first great thing about the Jaaxy tool is you can sign up free and get 30 searches. You want to know first though what it is you want to search. Well for example lets say your niche is about “Diabetes.” This is a very broad keyword to use and you will want to narrow it down a bit to find a keyword or phrase that will not have as large a search rating as “Diabetes,” So you begin your search in Jaaxy’s keyword search by perhaps putting in ” the best natural medicine for diabetes.” This is an example of how that will look in Jaaxy:

Above I typed in “the best natural medicine for diabetes” in the search and circled the best 4 choices for this keyword phrase. The actual phrase itself is a great one to use as well as; “natural medicine for diabetes,” “natural medication for diabetes,” and “the best natural remedies for diabetes.” These four were chosen for a few reasons; the structure of the phrase has to make sense, it needs to have a low QSR score and a high SEO score.

QSR – (Quoted Search Results) This is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact keyword. The lower the number the better chance you have of being ranked on Google; this number should be below 100, but even a QSR of 107 is still good. (All four circled have low (good) QSR numbers.

SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) This is a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the number the better the chances of getting on the first page in Google and the other two search engines (Bing and Yahoo). You typically want to have a score of 85 or above. As you can see above the SEO scores on all 4 are 94 or above.

I did underline a couple more on the above example and those are AVG and Traffic:

AVG – This is the average amount of searches for that particular keyword in a month.

TRAFFIC – This is the number of visitors to your website (using this keyword) if you receive first page rankings in the search engines. The numbers here may say only 11, 10, 14 and 6; however this is how your website first gets noticed and the number will increase with the longer your website and blogs, about your niche, are getting indexed on the search engines.

Something to keep in mind is, you may see low QSR scores and high SEO scores on some of the other examples above, but the phrases have to make grammatical sense as well, otherwise it won’t rank at all.

Stuck Choosing A Niche?

Jaaxy has a great option if you are stuck deciding on a niche and this is their BRAINSTORM tab. With this you can see all the top trends for

Google TrendsAlexa Topics – Amazon Best Sellers – Twitter Trends

This way you can see under each of those categories what the top topics are for each. There is also a search bar where you can enter a topic that you are interested in and add to the brainstorm queue. This way when you go back to the search keyword tab in Jaaxy on the right of the screen there will be a tab that says Brainstorm, when you click on this all the keywords entered in the Brainstorm queue shows up:

When you have your niche chosen you can also use this same format here to choose a domain name. Any of the keywords that have (.com, .net, and .org – the top domain names) are available. So bestnaturalmedicinesfordiabetes (.com, .net and.org) are all available; as well the QSR is only 52 and the SEO is 97, so this would be a great domain name.

One of the creators of Jaaxy, Kyle, gives an excellent video lesson that you can find right under the jaaxy Help page.

There are detailed videos that will actually help you so you aren’t just left blindly to figure it out:

Regardless of what you choose for a niche, one very important thing to remember is to choose a niche that you are interested in and passionate about. You will be adding content constantly to your website (blogs, videos, tutorials, etc.) so if you choose something that you really enjoy and are passionate about, the content will come much easier to you and picking out keywords will come much easier and quicker and you will love this JAAXY TOOL!

Picking An Affiliate Program in Your Niche

This is another great option that Jaaxy has that can help you find affiliate programs in your niche. Very important when you have a website and are promoting your niche, there are great programs that will offer products in that niche and you can join their affiliate programs, and remember their affiliate programs should always be free. Amazon is a great example of promoting products through their affiliate links. There are several others and Jaaxy actually has a tool that helps to pick one: Also you can read here my blog on how I give an example of, if your an artist, how to create a successful website around that niche.

Check Here For Amazon affiliate links 

Here you will register with amazon and follow their instructions on how to receive their affiliate links.

On Jaaxy there are 4 affiliate programs that you can search through to see if there are affiliate programs for your niche and they are: Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River and Clickbank. So if going with the Diabetes Niche, and promoting natural remedies, a search on Amazon came up with the Keto diet. When, you input Keto Diet under Clickbank, it comes up with 2 results. On the top it will show the product name, the website associated with the product, what the commission rate is for that particular product offered by the affiliate program (in this case Clickbank), and the Alexa Rank which rates how much traffic this particular product will get. The lower the number, means more traffic. In this case with the Keto Diet the products have an Alexa rank of 0, which means that there is very little to no competition for this product. That is not necessarily a bad thing because it will give you more opportunity to promote to the right audience by using your keyword search.

One thing I also want to mention is when you open the affiliate programs link, be careful to not get confused between if that particular program has its own sales site and has an “opportunity” to use their services for a fee, and with their affiliate program, which should be free.

Where is Your Website Ranking in Search Engines

Jaaxy has this amazing option to be able to view where you site is ranking on the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing, and the tab is titled, Site Rank. This ranking is based on the keyword title used for your post and also keywords used within your posts as well. At the top of the page you input the keyword title of your post and your domain name, and once you have done that, you hit the search button and it will tell you where that post is ranking in the three search engines, You also have the opportunity to choose keyword tracking for each search engine for that post daily, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthy or monthly.

Here is an example of one of my posts:


In this example, this particular post of mine has ranked 1st position on the first page on Yahoo Search; however not on Google or Bing Yet.  In order for a post to show up on here, it has to be ranked within the first 20 pages, but this is continuously changing on a daily basis! You can also see how I’ve circled the different time frames on how often you can track your post’s rankings; I have mine set to track on a daily basis for all search engines.

What Better Than For You To Sample For Yourself

Jaaxy is completely free to get started and after finding out how valuable this tool is, and if you really want to dive full in, there are two other upgrades Pro and Enterprise, which you can check here for what they all offer and the differences. However, no need to worry about that, for now check open it up for free and you can use this below to do a search and check it out:

I believe you’ll find Jaaxy a tool that you won’t want to go without, so have fun searching, and make your website great and get ranked in the top pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing!

To Your Success,

Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

Robert Warneck


  1. After reading you’re review, I must agree with you, this Jaaxy Keyword tool sounds amazing.

    So, I’m clear and understand you correctly. Are you telling me that Jaaxy can check all those features for free?

    If so, I’m excited because I’m in need of a keyword research tool. I’ve been told in the past by experts, to use this and that and none of them worked out for me.

    I’ve even tried the Google keyword tool, Keywords everywhere, Bing keyword tool, and one other one. I’m sorry, I can’t remember what it was called now.

    Anyhow, none of them worked. I know what you might be thinking, well they didn’t cost me anything, and you’re right.

    However, according to what I understand from your post. Neither will Jaaxy, (for at least up to 30 searches.), am I right? Or did I misunderstand?

    If I am understanding Jaaxy right that is an amazing deal. I love the fact, that it would show me how I rank on the search engines. Google certainly is hard to get ranked into. I also love the fact that you’re able to brainstorm with this tool.
    By the way, I learned a lot from your post so, thank you!

    I now realize how much I’m missing out on. It is hard to get ranked into the search engines without a good keyword tool. The problem most of them are expensive. I know first-hand what happens without a good working Keyword tool.

    Absolutely nothing or even worst you could lose a lot of money as I did when I ran paid ads. I think I’m going to give Jaaxy a try. Besides, it’s free to try. So, I have nothing to lose. Free comes without any risk and I love these types of deals.

    Let me ask you something, I’m always hearing bloggers say, “how they spy on their competition”. Am I able to spy on my competitors with the Jaaxy keyword tool? If so, does that come with the 30 free searches?

    If it does, I can only imagine what the upgraded version has to offer. More powerful, I would guess, than the free version, right?

    Anyhow, I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Thank You Lakisha for commenting and for your questions. Yes, Jaaxy’s Starter trial (so you can test it out) is free up to 30 searches. Also there is a tool that lets you “spy” on the competition. It is Jaaxy’s search analysis which allows you to find out keyword competition data. Here is an example of what it looks like:

      To Beat Your Competition, You Need to Know More Than Them.
      For a better word, Jaaxy is going to allow you to “spy” on your competition and probe into WHY their websites are ranking, where they are ranking, and you will get insightful data into their website’s content structure, meta tags, content quality/length, backlinks, ad placements, along with other information that the competition simply doesn’t want you to have. Plain and simple, this information is going to give you a competitive edge.

      and yes you can use this with the starter trial.
      best to try Jaaxy service
      Starter Trial
      30 Keyword Searches
      20 Search Results
      Website Analyzer
      Affiliate Program Finder
      Keyword List Manager
      Brainstorm Idea Feed
      Keyword Competition Data
      1x Speed

      Hope this answered your questions. Jaaxy really is an incredible tool and what you can accomplish with just the starter trial is top notch and no other program offers this kind of detailed search in a Free membership and that is even better than what most paid programs offer!

      All The Best,

  2. Robert, Jaaxy does look like a good seo tool with all of its addons.
    Under the keyword tool i don’t see any filters for the data.
    Can i search for more than 5 words in a keyword?
    Can i select only questions?
    I see there is a tab called alphabet soup – what does that do?
    many thanks for your response in advance

    • Hi Phil
      You can use more than 5 words in a keyword as I did in the example in my post. Also the alphabet soup tab is an incredible tool as when you put your keyword in the search bar on alphabet soup, Jaaxy will do a search with that keyword using the entire alphabet, which will help you to narrow your keyword down even more. I am sorry Phil but I am not sure what you mean by not seeing any filters in the data, or if you can only select questions. You can put a phrase in the search as well, like, “the best recipes for apple pie,” or depending what you want your post to be about, than you could put it in a question format; but you don’t just select questions – you also put in phrases as well.

      Hope this helped and if you could clarify a bit more for me what you are referring to as far as not seeing any filters for the data, I will do my best to find an answer to that as well.

      All the best,
      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  3. Jaaxy really is an awesome tool Robert!
    It’s my go-to keyword research tool and it works wonders!
    Nice walkthrough on how Jaazy works 🙂

    • Thank you for your Comment! I love Jaaxytoo, it has been a great help for in y new venture of blogging!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  4. Hi Robert

    I really found your information so useful and people who haven’t tried Jaaxy should give it a go as it is the most wonderful keyword research tool on the Internet

    Robert, You have certainly done your homework with Jaaxy and I know people learning how to use this product will benefit so much from it.

    I get indexed within hours and ranked soon after and it’s because of Excellent Keywords and good content

    Thank you, Robert,

    • Thank You Vicki for your comment!  I love Jaaxy and it has truly been a Great Help to me!  
      Keep on with your Success!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  5. That is a lot of features for a free tool. When you are done with your 30 free searches,than my understanding is that you can no longer use it without upgrading? You mentioned being able to spy on your competition I use uber suggest by Neil Patel how does Jaaxy compare? 

    • After the Thirty Searches are done you can upgrade or if you become a Premium member with Wealthy Affiliate, you are able to get Jaaxy Lite version , and receive unlimited keyword searches for free still, with limits on certain features that you receive significantly more of when you upgrade to Pro; however as a Premium member with Wealthy Affiliate, you receive a decent discount and Pro costs only $19/month instead of $49/month.  With Jaaxy the QSR and the SEO numbers help you to do that. When you put in your keyword at the top of the page the lower the QSR number is the less amount of competing websites will be competing with that keyword.  On the other hand the higher the ;SEO rate is the better, (you want it as close to 100% as possible – 85% is good) because this means the more chance you’ll have with that keyword to rank on the 1st page over your competitors.

      Hope these answered your question.

      Thank you for sharing your comments,

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  6. Robert,
    I love Jaaxy. It has so many useful features on top of a nice affiliate program.
    I have not upgraded yet, as I am stuck for income at the moment.
    Once the funds are available, I will be getting Jaaxy Pro.
    Your walkthru is excellent, and I learned some things I didn’t know. I will be playing around with Jaaxy to see what I can get out of the brainstorming feature.

    Thanks for the info,
    Gwendolyn J

    • It really is an awesome tool.  I am with you when I am able to, I too will be upgrading to Pro.  Thank you for your comment and I wish you best on your journey to success.

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

  7. Robert,
    I love Jaaxy. It has so many useful features on top of a nice affiliate program.
    I have not upgraded yet, as I am stuck for income at the moment.
    Once the funds are available, I will be getting Jaaxy Pro.
    Your walkthru is excellent, and I learned some things I didn’t know. I will be playing around with Jaaxy to see what I can get out of the brainstorming feature.

    Thanks for the info,
    Gwendolyn J

  8. Thank you for the Jaaxy review. I’ve been searching for other alternative beside Google Keyword Planner, and this one seems really nice. Finding suitable niche and affiliate program is a nice bonus. This will be very helpful because I always struggled to find what niche should I invest in. Is Jaaxy a free tool or is there a paid version? Thank you.

    • Yes Jaaxy has a free starter trial that allows you up to 30 searches, this is so you can see how Jaaxy works.  Then if you like it, you can upgrade to paid versions.  It really nice because you can try it out for free first.

      Thank you for your comment,


  9. Hi Robert, just read your very comprehensive review of Jaaxy.

    I am a PRO user of this tool and have found so many really great profitable keywords using this tool.

    The thing is that I thought that Jaaxy was just a keyword tool, but its much more than that. The other functions that help me as an affiliate are the domain search function and all the other research features, like brain storm and the alphabet soup function

    There are so many features and functions I now would not be without this tool
    Loved your review



    • Thank you Barry,
      I love Jaaxy! It has helped me with so much more than just keyword research! It has helped me as well with figuring good affiliate programs for different niches. I really do believe that people will be so impressed with Jaaxy when they realize it is so much more than just a keyword search tool, that the price for it is a steal! Especially when there is a free option for a good amount of the services!

      Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

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