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    Often when we try something new we are initially excited and hopeful and ready to take on the world! Than time goes by and nothing seems to be happening and we lose focus of what got us excited in the first place.

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    Stay Focused On What You Do

    Trust Your Journey:

    You started out this adventure with a goal to succeed, and in the beginning of it you were all psyched and amped up, because you were sure you could make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Then a month goes by and then several months and that website you worked so hard on – you see nothing, zilch, nada! So you start to lose focus and sight of your initial goals and start feeling you want to give up and look for some other way to make money “quick.” However, this is how folks steer in the wrong direction.

    First there is no legitimate program out there where you make money “quick.” Making money in ANYTHING you do takes dedication, and time! You have to believe in the journey you first started out on. You could be like the miner picking away for diamonds and he’s in that mine for months and months, and it seems all he ever gets is more and more dirt and rocks. However, he just has to swing his pick axe a few more times and he’ll hit those diamonds and LOTS of them, but he decides to quit because he thinks he is digging the wrong tunnel and start somewhere else and WALKS AWAY from his treasure!


    You have to keep trusting in your journey and believe in your goal!


    How To Focus On What Really Matters

    It is so important to stay focused on the talent you have that got you started on your path in the first place. Remember you chose something to focus your website on that you were passionate about. You have to re-kindle that passion for what gave you the idea for your website and just start writing about it. Start writing a bunch of posts and blogs on your website speaking on your passion and just focus on what matters and is important to you. You could even create a YouTube video and create your own channel, engage with your audience and talk to them about what you love. Most importantly, have FUN with it!

    When you start talking about something you really enjoy and are passionate about, it shows and people will notice and respect your opinions. Before you know it, you’ll be a natural and you’ll in time develop a huge following.


    Instead of focusing on whether the program you chose is working, just start building your website with useful information and start branding yourself and getting yourself noticed on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).



    What To Focus On To Be Successful

    Start branding yourself in different ways by being creative with your posts, blogs and YouTube videos. Utilize the tools given you by the program you are in and do your research. Watch videos, read posts and blogs of folks in your program that have reached milestones in their success and have obtained where you want to be. You don’t have to mimic what they are doing in their videos or say what they are saying in their posts and blogs word for word, but you can get ideas from them and emulate what they are doing.

    If you are in an internet program that has membership conversations and they have a page of blogs and post of folks who are at the top in that program, take advantage of it! Here is your chance to get clues and ideas from successful individuals who are willing to share their path with you and want see you succeed as well. There are so many avenues to help you on your journey to success, but you have to take action on them!



    How To Find A Number Of Solutions

    When you feel you are at a standstill:

    Sometimes when you are stuck and feel you can’t seem to do anymore it’s an indication to relax and take a deep breath. You need to step back for a moment and perhaps reverse some of your steps, look at what might have gone wrong and re-evaluate the problem. Sometimes you have to re-train to find those solutions,

    1. Go back through the training your program offers and repeat the steps over, you may have skipped over something.
    2. Read a bunch of posts and blogs written by successful people over again and you may find you take something different this time from the reading. Plus take action on what they are telling you!
    3. Network with other members in your program, and maybe you’ll find someone who came up with a similar obstacle, overcame it, and can give you some advice.
    4. Go through your posts and blogs on your site and see if maybe they may need some re tweaking – it’s okay to give “updates” to your posts and blogs; successful people do it all the time.

    Accepting The Bad With The Good

    It can definitely be frustrating and difficult when your dreams and aspirations don’t come as quickly as you anticipated, but you can’t let that make you give up. On your journey in your chosen path, your going to have ups and downs – it’s inevitable. Knowing ahead of time that you are going to have to jump a little higher, reach a little further, will help you face better some “hiccups” along the way.

    You are going to have some people tell you that you are making a mistake, that you won’t make any money from what you are doing and will try to make you lose faith in what you are doing and bring you down. It will be up to you, if you let them control your destiny or if you take control of it. Remember it is YOUR DREAM, YOUR PASSION and you should NEVER let anyone try to take that from you!


    Instead associate with those who are like-minded to what you are trying to do and have similar goals as you. You can persevere through criticisms, and MOST important, NEVER stop believing in YOU! You are the only one who can make your dreams come true. People can guide you on the right path and give you incentive, but you have to be the one to take action and fight for your dreams and make it happen.

    Do not give up on yourself and quit before you reach your diamonds! Trust enough in yourself, so that those who doubted you and tried to put your dreams down, will change their tone when they see your accomplishments and rewards for all your hard work!

    Dream ON and Don’t Give UP

    Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)



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      Robert Warneck


      1. Hi Robert. Great post! I’m just starting on my journey into Affiliate Marketing and can see how great the potential is but also how much work is involved. Your post is inspiring and has some great points around networking with other successful bloggers on whatever platform you are using, using all and any of the training available and never giving up! Research! Research! Research!

      2. I like what you say here – we all take new things with excitement in the beginning and as time passes, nothing seems to happen and we lose focus and often give up. The best is to stay focused as you hinted and we need rekindling articles like yours.

        And when it comes to a website building, it’s the same long play-game where things don’t go as expected and good results never seem to come along and often one becomes frustrated many a time.

        But let’s know that every cloud has a silver lining and that you don’t stop searching that Gold Nugget. Who knows you’re just one foot short of hitting it!

        You did a good article here and love your positive attitude. I look forward to reading more updates.
        Success awaits.

        • Thank you sir. It is rough when we come to a point where it seems we can’t do any more, but we always can! Through perseverance and loving ourselves enough to not give up we will reach that gold nugget!

      3. Hello. great post!
        Looks like I a big” rock” on my way and don’t know how to go around. You gave me a solution how to solve “rock” ‘s problem. you inspired me not to give up and go forward. Thank you

        • That’s awesome! That’s what I am looking to accomplish with this post and my website is to encourage others. It’s always different to try something new and go out of our comfort zone and it’s a relief to know that there are people there for you and in your corner.

      4. Great post and it is so, so crucial to stay focused – especially when it comes to making money online. I have struggled several times to find my motivation so now I have a planner that I list my monthly goals in. When I am feeling like I want to quit, I refer back to my goals to motivate me. It seems to help.

        Your tips on How To Find a Number of Solutions is very good advice. It helps to have a network of people who can listen to my concerns and give me feedback. It is so valuable to make good connections with other bloggers/online biz owners. Thank you.

        • That is a GREAT idea to write down your goals, because there they are right on paper. That way when you are feeling doubtful and frustrated, go back and look at your goals to remind yourself why you can’t give up.
          To All Your Success,


      5. Hi Robert,

        Thank you for this article.
        I am new to affiliate marketing and working on building my first site. I recently found myself at a standstill when thinking of a new blog, your step 4 gave me a great idea to go look threw my comments and see what people had to say to come up with a new post. Thank you I really needed that.

        Also the rest of the article had so much great information, that I will be incorporating into my work schedule.

        Thank you again

        • Thank you sir for sharing that with me. It really feels good to know that I may have helped someone out!

          To your sure success!


      6. Great post! This is much needed for anyone trying to build any business. Especially the part about “Accepting The Bad With The Good”. Knowing ahead a time that you will have ups AND downs, and how to handle them is important to your successes.

        • Thank you John for expressing it is so true if we realize we’re going to go through some struggles along the way, it helps us prepare to get through them so we can open the door to success.

          The best in all your success – Robert

      7. Your article cannot be further from the truth. When starting out a new project, we are always enthusiastic and set the gear right. Just after starting we start to slack off and you wonder where all he enthusiasm went to.

        Dedication is really the key. We just need to remind ourselves why we set out to do what we are doing and stay focused.

        And true, reading and watching other success stories will also help in staying focused.

        Thanks for this encouraging post.

        • Thank You!  I am glad I have been able to encourage you, it is difficult to stay focused, because life happens.  We just have to dust ourselves off and get back on track, and we will stumble often; what’s it important is that we continue to get back up.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      8. Focus focus focus, very true, it is the backbone of succeeding in this area.

        Blog reviews and community interaction is a huge part of building, growing and succeeding with your business.

        Yes there are some out there who may have succeeded by doing it their way and not really using many outside resources along the way, but realistically, most of us need help and this is a great way to get it – become a concerted member of the right platforms community, and you will be on a steady path to success.

        • Shane you couldn’t be more right!  A great community I believe is essential towards anyone’s path to success.  It is important to have folks to back you up and be going what you are going through or have gone through it and can offer both advice and criticism.  It is important too, when we are told we are doing something wrong as well, and we take as constructive criticism, it’s the only way for us to learn.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

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