Getting the Right Mindset -Do You Believe You Can Be Successful?

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    It is so exciting at first when you start something new and you feel that you are going to really make it work and be a sure success. However, a few months go by and things are not going the way you expected and you start to feel you made a mistake. You begin doubting yourself and begin to wonder if success is a word in your vocabulary – YOU need to STOP that way of thinking immediately!

    Get Out Of Your Head

    It is easier said than done, when you are feeling lousy and helpless, to just turn around and start feeling positive. The problem is you start convincing yourself you aren’t able to accomplish what you thought and then get yourself stuck in the quicksand of failure mentality. As soon as you start feeling that self-doubt creeping in, you have to squash it at the get go.

    When you begin feeling stuck or lost, start doing research. Create a blog, writing down what is you know about the business you started. Start making videos and keeping yourself busy – staying active will keep you from dwelling on thoughts that will make you feel defeated. Tell yourself that “you are a success” and that every day is a step closer to that goal. Grab yourself a note pad and start writing down your goals and why you will be successful. You may say something like: “In six months I will work to achieve making an extra $300 to $500 a month, and in a year $1000….” and so on. and do your best to really work on these goals. Often writing down and having something to look at will help you stay on track.

    Do not beat yourself up either if you don’t get the results you wanted in the time frame you intended. This may happen and it is okay. Just go back a few steps and watch some videos and read information (online and books) on how others achieved success, and then just keep working till you reach that first goal. Do not worry if it takes longer than you anticipated to reach your first goal; because once you do reach it, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the other goals come to fruition. Meeting that first goal, having even your first sale, will inspire you to continue and help you realize it is worth it!

    You Owe it To Yourself

    Whether you are starting a business online, promoting a product or products, an author of a book, you started something to better yourself and most likely your family as well. Always remember why you love what you are doing and what motivated you to begin on your journey. You owe it to yourself not to quit, because you deserve to obtain whatever goals you have set out to achieve.

    Say you are an online entrepreneur and you love to write and are really into exercising and staying in shape. You are the only you, so write a blog about exercise and put your own spin on it, you could even do videos showing particular exercises to have a 6-pack, or to burn fat off your thighs, etc. Whatever area of business you go into that you are passionate about, it is good to write blogs and make videos, because you really can feel that you are helping someone out there that may be looking just for what you are blogging about or making a video on. When you start to see through comments people leave thanking you because you helped them, you know why you started on your journey to success.

    Act The Part


    It can actually be a lot of fun to sometimes treat yourself and act the part of already having success. Of course to do this you will want to have some money put aside that you splurge on yourself and a loved one. Go to a fancy restaurant and dress to impress! Order from the menu without looking at the prices and order what you want, not what you think you can afford! (obviously don’t go to a place where it is way out of your means), but with $200 put aside for this you could have a very lovely evening for you and your special someone.


    Of course I’m not saying for you to be fake, but give yourself a chance to see how it feels to go to a nice place and not think about the bill and just have a good time. This will also give your loved one a chance to see how it feels as well, and more likely to get them on board with what you are doing, because they are going to enjoy the experience.

    Start telling yourself that you are born to be successful and that you are the expert on you! No one know you better than you know yourself. You know what you are capable of and excel at what you do best.

    There is Support All Around

    Unfortunately there will be those who will criticize you and try to tell you that you’re making a mistake and that it will take too long and blah blah blah. Do not listen to them, and stick to those who support you and want to be successful themselves. The best way to stay in a “success mindset,” is to associate yourself with. and learn from those who have been successful. This doesn’t mean go out there and try to make friends with someone famous or Bill Gates, (though one day it could happen) but you can learn from them by reading their books, watching videos on successful people. Also, another great way is to join a group, there are Facebook groups and you can even join local groups who get together to discuss businesses.

    One very good way to go about this is by learning from a program that has a community of people who have been successful in that program and you can directly ask them questions and advice. You could get a coach, but they can be very costly and sometimes can lead you in the wrong direction. The best type, are programs that let you join free and try them out before you pay anything. These are the ones that offer a free training to you and have a discussion blog where you can ask any question on the kind of business you are in and get advice from members who have been successful.


    Be True To Yourself


    Whatever you do be true to yourself. Stay focused on your goals and keep pressing forward. It is always more difficult to continue something than to give up; so don’t give up on yourself. Find what it is that you feel confidant in and base your blogs and videos on your experiences. There are programs that help with these outlets (blogs, videos, etc.) and do your research on different programs; there are programs out there that legitimately help you.

    To Your Success

    Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)


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      Robert Warneck


      1. If the thought behind this post is to make your audience feels great, mission accomplished!
        It’s so inspiring, I’m sure readers will appreciate it.
        Personally, I’m trying to implement most of your tips on a daily basis.
        Especially acting the part and visualization.
        I don’t understand why so many people underestimate the power of their mindset.
        Hopefully, you’ll keep spreading your awesome content and the help all of the people who need encouragement to believe in themselves.
        Great work and you don’t even need to act the part…
        It’s not an act if it’s real, right?

        • Thank you Boby
          Such incredible compliments! You are right you DON’T have to act the part because you soon realize that you are already a success! We are all born a success, it’s just the trick of waking ourselves up to this already GOD-Given birthright!
          Thank you again for your beautiful words.

      2. Very motivating post Robert! Man, the amount of struggles we deal with that are simply all in our heads. I like to watch motivational videos to keep myself motivated, and it works! When I first started affiliate marketing, even now a little, my mind tries to procrastinate or give up. I don’t care to let it give up haha. But it has been a struggle every day, like you feel you’re the only one out there. Lemme tell you, you aren’t. I’ve gotten too far in my mind to give up, I’m simply holding my entire life to a higher standard each day 😉 I wish you all the best with your journey, God bless you Robert!

        • Nate
          Thank you sir! I’m glad that you stay steady in your journey to success! It is a struggle and sometimes you want to throw the towel in, but I’m glad you didn’t! You are sure to be a success!


      3. I must tell you!! This was the exact right day to read your article. Just when I was starting to feel discouraged. And many of the things you talk about have gone through my mind. Specially the “get out of your head” part. Thank you very much.

        • Alberto.
          I’m really glad to hear you are not giving up! It means a lot to know that if even in a small way I can help someone, than I’m doing a little something right!

          God Bless

      4. Thank you for such a motivating post. It is true that sometimes starting something new, you get to a point of doubting yourself if you can do it.
        For me, it is really important to believe in yourself first and foremost! If you do, anything is possible!
        All the best!

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