FIVE Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Friends Starting A Business

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    How often when a friend starts something new and goes on their business venture, do we think “oh God, they’re going to be harassing me now.” That really is unfair of us to do so. Our friends always look to us first for our support and our encouragement. It is important to those who look at us as confidants and look up to us to have our faith in them rather than shun them.

    Support Your Friends

    Support does not always have to come monetarily. Support is also listening to your friend with an open-mind when they are telling you about what they have started. They are usually excited that they have started something that they hope will bring them a better future and want to tell all their friends and they should feel that they can do this. Someone should not feel uncomfortable going to their friends because they think their friends will avoid them.

    Think about when you saw a really good movie or heard a really good song, you want to tell your friend about it and you tell them with excitement. That is how someone feels when they have started a business venture and want to share it. They are also nervous and want to feel that they are making the right decision, and often come to us for advice.

    There are many business out there, some are on the internet and some are MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). With some of these businesses, our friends may have to give a presentation, where they talk about their business, or introducing the product (or products). Sometimes you can support them by just letting them practice with you.  We can give more help to our friends than we realize by letting them practice their presentation on us, or doing a mock sales show with them. Often times that may be what they need from us more than anything else.

    Be Open-Minded When Friends Come To Us

    When our friends comes to us with news of starting something new, don’t always be so quick to tell them “it’s a scam,” “it won’t work,” “You’re wasting your time.” When you do this, you are breaking that person’s spirit and actually making them feel very insecure about making a decision that they thought was a good one. Sometimes it is good to let our friends know to be careful and to not be taken advantage of, but also give them the benefit of the doubt that they did their research.

    Sometimes it is better to let them give their new venture a try, and weed it out for themselves and not always be ready to tell them “I told you so.” Think of when we were younger and we used to make up games or felt like we came up with something new: remember how good it felt when our friends listened eagerly to us and cheered us on.

    Remember when we were getting our first job, whether it was when we first finished college or starting a trade or just working for the first time; we told our friends and we wanted to feel we did the right thing and made the right decision. That’s what our friends need when they are starting a business, to have us not judge them and cheer them on and not criticize them from the get go.

    Even when we see our friends struggling with their new venture and getting frustrated, we should still not be ready to jump at them that they made a mistake. We should offer encouragement to them, and ask them what happened. They may just be frustrated because they are having a rough start (starting a business is tough and takes time)! They may need reassurance that they shouldn’t give up and keep trying and getting more experience with it; sometimes that is what they need to hear from their friends and what may seem just a small thing to you, may have been the trigger they needed to soar them to their success!

    Don’t Give Friends An Ultimatum

    If we decide we do want to support our friends monetarily, than we need to do just that. It is unethical to tell our friends that we will help them if they give us a deal or a discount. If we are a true friend than we will pay full price for whatever they are offering. If you are not able to spend money for what they are offering, than re-read the paragraphs above that tell how you can support them in other ways.

    We should not expect to be ‘treated differently” because we are a friend of a person running a business. If the individual wants to offer something special, than let that be on them. We should never put that kind of pressure on our friends – there is a saying “Friends ask for discounts, CLOSE Friends pay Full Price!”

    I was very disappointed when I had to see my co-worker have to go through such an ordeal. This co-worker creates a beautiful BBQ display for catering, Ribs, Jerky, Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Curry, the full works and when I tell you top quality, I mean TOP and his prices are way below what most charge for 1/2 the amount of food he makes. All this and one of his friends still wanted a $150 discount! This to me is such an insult to someone’s hard work. We have to realize that this may be the only source of income for our friends and as we want to be paid properly for the work we do, so does our friends!

    Paying it Forward

    When we support each other, in return we can help one another out. There may be a time when we are trying out a new adventure or starting a new job, or even beginning a new walk of life and we will need support and encouragement. I’m not saying that we should offer support, because we want something in return, but I am saying it will happen naturally if we are sincere when offering encouragement and support to our friends.

    Also, when we support our friends business, it brings more to our economy. When new businesses open and people are creating wealth online, it actually helps bring more jobs and money into that type of business. Many times the businesses our friends create offer opportunities to us as well and this way we also have avenues to help our financial situations as well.

    Just Be There

    Most important we should just be there for our friends, whether they are successful or not. If our friend does not succeed in their business, we need to be there to cheer them up and not shake our fingers at them. We have to allow our friends to make the decision on their own, if things didn’t work out for them and if they want to continue, pursuing starting a business – and support them in whatever decision they make.

    On the other end of the spectrum, we should not be envious of our friends if they are successful and achieve the goals they set out to achieve. Instead, we should be happy for them and proud of them. We should take from it, that they may be an inspiration to us, if we may want to journey out on a new adventure.  Most likely our friends will share with us what they did to achieve this, and may very likely show us the steps they took to get there. However, we should NEVER expect a hand out from our friends that achieved their goals, and rather be grateful to them being willing to show us how they achieved success, as the biggest gift they could give us. After all, isn’t it much better to create our own success, than to hope someone will give something to us.

    As Always,

    To Everyone’s Success,

    Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

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      Robert Warneck


      1. Now that I have started my own online venture, I started being more supportive of others doing the same.

        Although I can’t blame people who avoid others because there are some people out there who just want the monetary incentive that their new venture offers. Most people don’t like to feel used or taken advantage of. That’s something I can understand if I think about it.

        • It is true, it can go the opposite way too, we don’t want to be pushy towards others either and always trying to get a sale out of our friends either. I learned the hard way, when a friend asks what are you up to , briefly tell them what you are doing and leave it at that. If you talk about your business every time you get together, that will get them to avoid you.
          Thank you for your insight,

      2. What you write is so true, and I can very much relate to it. When I published my first book I thought that my friends were going to be supportive, but only one of them was. It was a tough pill to swallow, but also a learning experience. Over the years, however, they have become more supportive.
        I have also often seen people ask others for discounts because they are friends. I see it all the time, and I understand how that can be an insult to someone’s hard work. I really liked your article. Thank you for sharing 🙂

        • I’m sorry to hear that happened when you first published your book, but I am glad that now you are getting the support you deserve. I hope you continue to grow in your success and the support grows along with it.

      3. That is really great advice Robert. I always say don’t tell the whole world, but do tell your best friends (your inner circle if you like) that you are starting a business or doing something really good, positive and challenging.

        It is not all going to be all rose gardens and magical – there will be tough times (in what ever it is) in which you will need your friends support to keep going.

        In our industry of digital marketing it is so tough the first 3-6 months until regular sales come in. And to keep going and working hard while seeing no benefit is hard work mentally and from time to time a good ear does help out a lot!

        For our friends – of course it works out two way when they are starting a business or doing something similarly challanging.

        (Derek WA returning comment).

        • Derek,
          It is so true that when you are just starting out and not seeing any profits , it can be a huge struggle, and having a friend there can often help you get through it. I do believe that we should not be overbearing to our friends and only talk about our businesses, because than I would not blame friends for avoiding.

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