Earn Easy Commissions 2019 Review – Scam Alert!

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    Is This Program Worth Joining

    So my name is Robert and I’m not here to try to put down a program but shed some light on what I personally feel is one that should be avoided. I say this because I joined EEC (Earn Easy Commissions) almost a year ago, thinking as someone who was very new to affiliate marketing, and making money online for that fact, I had found a decent program – after losing money on a program that was closed down by the FTC (Federal Trades Commission) for being a pyramid scam. However, I found myself feeling I had to upgrade if I really wanted to “earn anything” and (at the time of joining – now no longer there) signed up for PRO membership and monthly payments on their Elite membership (Total Cost – $ 600) – now they have the “free” program and VIP ($1000, currently discounted to $750). A little later in the review, I will get to the jist of how that all works out.

    So I know you’re probably thinking that because it didn’t work for me, that I am now “bad-mouthing Earn Easy Commissions; that’s okay. I believe it is important for you to keep an open-mind and that is why within this review I’m going to show what the process is inside EEC and show you examples, so that way you can judge for yourself. I will be showing examples only, I do not endorse Earn Easy Commission, and receive no profit from them.



    Created by Chuck Nguyen

    Program is advertised as a Done-For-You-Program- (This is done very poorly) Created for beginners and made easy – Scam in Disguise.

    Price – Free on the upfront but $750 on the back end and hidden up sells.

    Should look at program thoroughly before spending any money in it.

    SUMMARY Of Earn Easy Commissions

    The program seems well organized and set up for beginners, however as soon as you delve deeper into it, this is not the case. More for affiliates who have been in the business awhile and know the ins and outs of getting leads.

    Rating: 15/100

    I personally do not recommend them.

    This is my recommendation

    So without further ado….

    What is Earn Easy Commissions

    EEC claims to be a done-for-you program and you can join free, this is true, however the focus is to get you to go VIP, the most expensive program. So when you first join into EEC, you give your email, activate your account, verify your email, you must either be from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or New Zealand, and you have to past their email “spam” testing (This is considered the qualifications for a qualified referral as well).

    Once in, you are shown the first video on how to log in set your profile up and how to find your user name, then the next video explains how it’s as simple as referring your link to friends on social media, and in social groups etc. and EEC will take care of all the rest, as everything is set on auto-pilot.

    Here is an example:

    I blacked in my affiliate link, because as I stated previously, I am NOT promoting EEC in any way! So These are the Terms and conditions of a “qualified referral” and how you receive $1 per referral (This at first sounded big to me because I thought, “Wow these referrals could really add up in time):

    You can click here to read the full PDF on it ;


    So it did sound pretty decent at first, I figured I would tell my friends on Facebook and other social media, join business groups just have to add them to click on my link and all the background details would be taken care of by EEC… As it turned out Facebook never accepted their links and so I joined the Facebook group and “Chuck himself” answered and said I should upgrade and then by using their recommended sites “clikmagick” I could create a more “user-friendly” link.

    So at the time I joined there were three memberships after the free level; Pro($100). Elite($500), and VIP$(1000). However, you couldn’t just go straight to the $1000 VIP, no you had to “qualify” for each membership first! That’s right if you wanted to be a VIP member, you would be paying $1600 in whole! I did not want to pay that so I was “advised” to go Elite, as I would earn $50 commissions on my qualified referrals going Pro and $250 commissions on those going Elite, Being so new to the affiliate marketing and online make money scene, I wanted to have faith in a system, so I went Elite; whereas the $600 mentioned earlier. By doing this I would then join ClikMagik (to track links, create sales funnels, etc,) and Get Response (auto email responder); Chuck advises in his video on this though that we must purchase them and not use the “free” trial. Otherwise, our links won’t work and the auto email system on EEC wouldn’t work. At the time *ClickMagik was $17/month for starter and Get Response was $15/month, an extra $32 a month in hidden fees,

    * ClickMagik is now $12/month for starter

    Over the time joining EEC in 2018, after only 3 months, Chuck (the creator), made a change to delete the Elite membership and just have Free, Pro and VIP. Pro would now be $150, Elite members would be put into the VIP program, but would not get the $500 commissions for your referrals going VIP, you would still get the $250 commissions, and a bunch of complicated details. Today it is now just Free membership and VIP Membership.

    So what brings the folks in with a “free membership” turns out to be a funnel to push and promote their VIP membership:

    You are told your application will be considered if “you are the right fit,” :

    Seriously! If “you are a right fit?” of course you will be, they want your money!

    So this what you get for the $750 membership:

    By the way that 90 day coaching is Chuck just emailing you and telling you to join in on the “VIP” Inner circle chat!

    You are encouraged to watch Chuck’s 30 days action plan: The first video, is about “getting started” –

    So All of this about getting started, but, are you actually finding out what you will be doing?

    The Second video speaks about being in the right mindset; which is important as having the right mindset when it comes to affiliate marketing is vital, it looks as if Chuck is using the same information found in inspirational videos and quotes –

    Then in the 3rd Video Chuck goes right to the Up sell –

    and the rest of the videos (21 more) are all about up sells, and adding this and that (each one costing more money!

    I could add in a bunch more of these examples, bur this post would take too long to get through. So, let’s get to the next topic

    PROS –

    • Program is initially free
    • Best for affiliates who already have experience and have the money to invest in the tools

    CONS –

    • Program is not for beginners as suggested
    • Too many up sells
    • Talk of products, yet throughout the program the way shown to get commissions is to invite other referrals and hope that with “everything done on autopilot,” will upgrade to VIP and the platforms for email, funnels, and links tracking. These platforms are products, but you have no choice but to purchase these because if not, then your links, auto responders, etc. won’t work properly.
    • Program is questionably a pyramid-scheme.

    Not recommended – Due to the examples shown this program it is not an easy, sit back and do nothing for beginners. The fact that you have to promote referrals and hope they will pay for the more expensive program, so you can receive higher commissions and keep repeating that same process is a pyramid scheme; therefore a scam.

    To find out what has changed my outlook in affiliate programs for the better, and has you learn more with a free membership if not, then any other platform I’ve seen out there:


    My Recommended Program

    Name: Wealthy Affiliate

    Website: WealthyAffiliate.com

    Price: Starter/Free & Premium/$49 per month

    Owners: Kyle & Carson

    Overall Rank: 96 out of 100

    Program is for both beginners and experienced internet marketers and affiliates. There is no misconception on prices; there is the FREE Membership and, if you want to go Premium, it is $49/month if you want to be able to go further in the classes. However, you can stay a free member for as long as you want and they only suggest Premium but don’t push it at you at the rate other programs push their promotions. Even though you don’t get the full classroom, with the Free Membership, you still are shown how to build 2 free websites, help with picking a niche (the product you are passionate or feel strongly about, healthcare, weight loss, fitness, beauty, etc.) and shown use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on using the right keywords to improve your ratings on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). You are shown how to look for the right programs in your niche and ways to build your website around that.


    The Decision Is Yours

    You can check out both programs for free (earneasycommissions.com and WealthyAffiliate.com, and make your own decision, I believe each program will speak for themselves. It is always wise to evaluate for yourself and come to your own conclusions. I have chosen in the past some programs that have swindled me, some that were misleading and others that were tough to understand and meant more for experienced marketers who had more of a grasp on internet marketing, and honestly some that were always trying to sell higher end product and their “training” would lead into, if you buy their more expensive product, then your commissions will increase more and you will get more training on how to do it.

    That is why I personally liked Wealthy Affiliate, because it’s two things only Free member or for the full training $49/month and that’s it, no more up sells or hidden costs. Plus the training videos, are just that, how to use different techniques on how to increase your traffic and building your website and different tools you can use to do it. They don’t have up sells to get you to buy more from them, and if some programs suggested an autoresponder or funnels, they are just tools that they do not receive commissions on, they only tell you in the training what works for that particular route you choose to advertise your niche, a lot of the tools used are free themselves. Plus it truly is just Q & A at the end of the training, no funnel to get you to buy a higher end product.


    Always the best,

    Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

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      Robert Warneck


      1. WOW! Robert. There are so many scams out there. I am so glad you found Wealthy Affiliate and I wish you all the best at the best program there is.
        As you can tell I absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate and would not look at another option. Thank you for all the info and the warning.

        • Jill,
          I too am SO grateful I found Wealthy Affiliate, and agree with you 100%. It is good to know that such an incredible and legitimate program exists.


      2. Thanks for giving a detailed review of Earn Easy Commissions… although there doesn’t seem to be anything easy about it!
        One thing that I hate about these automated programs, is that when it’s all done for you it becomes boring!
        As an affiliate marketer myself, I have my own website which I built from scratch and I enjoyed doing it. I also like writing articles for my site about the good and the bad (just like you have). The research side is also fun!
        You have to question whether an automated program like EEC would still be around next year and if not, you would lose everything overnight.
        It’s so much better to learn affiliate marketing from the ground up and run the show by yourself through proper training. Your number #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate will do that. Thanks again.

        • I agree Helen,

          I feel much more secure building my own website and branding “me.” I feel that is how we can move our way to success is by “branding” ourselves.
          Wealthy Affiliate definitely shows you how to start from the ground up.


      3. I’m sorry to hear that Earn Easy Commissions had to be shut down, but with most pyramid schemes out there and I’ve seen many others, the owners either eventually leave on their own which is wrong to everyone else inside the program, or just get turned down. I hate when programs likes these intentionally are there to upsell you like crazy, a big reason why when I see any of this in the affiliate marketing field, I look the opposite way. Your images of what the program entailed looked pretty legit from a glance, it would entice anyone to want to join. There were so many changes to the membership program that it had me thinking like how absurd that really is, and how they were trying to get others to stay at a certain level to see if they were qualified to move up the chain. The 90 day coaching is not even coaching at all, what the heck lol. I do 1-1 coaching, and I do Zoom calls, and so much more, rather than just emailing. It doesn’t seem like it’s beginner or expert friendly, more like for scam artists. I really appreciate that you gave me insight into the inner workings of this program, as I was able to relate and what came to mind were others that were in a way in similar operations. Thank you!

        • Michael,
          I actually didn’t know Earn Easy Commissions was closed down; however not surprised. Constantly having up sells to me is a sure sign it’s not for me. Change can be good if it is benefitting the training a program is offering, or making a site easier to navigate through; but to constantly keep changing how affiliates will earn their commissions and going from one upgrade to another – totally fishy. You’re right EEC was not for beginners or experts and apparently was more of a scam as for why they must have been closed down.

      4. Hellos Robert
        Thanks for sharing your experience on EEC and this coming from your first-hand experience.
        Reviews like this are vitally important for getting knowledge.
        The lack of transparency is always something we need to be aware of and it’s not easy to find integrity online.
        Glad to see that the FTC is alive and well.
        And as for Wealthy Affiliate would agree with your recommendation and go that route if you are wanting to play in the affiliate game or just build out skills to run an online business, they have that transparency and integrity in spades.
        Nicely done.

        • Hey Dino,
          Transparency is VERY difficult to obtain online. The thing is you really want to believe that there is something that you can rely on and believe in, that’s why I an with Wealthy Affiliate, because they practice what they preach. They are a great platform!
          All the Best,

      5. Your review makes me clear that Earn Easy Commissions is not the place where I want to join but Wealthy Affiliate is. After reading your review, I just check Wealthy Affiliate and find out it is a program which I’m looking for. Thanks a lot for your recommendation.

        • Hello deraj,
          I feel it is always good to review a program first and make a good decision from finding out what you can from it. I don’t like to put down any kind of program, but I do think it’s important that everyone is able to make a decision based on looking at how a program works. Wealthy Affiliate lets you join free and see how their program functions and is more about helping you to find your “OWN” brand and that is what gets’ you success, is branding yourself.

          To Your Success!
          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      6. Hello Robert:), 

        Loved the honesty in your review of earn easy commissions as there are so many scams masquerading as gurus with the right information. 

        Sorry you had to invest in this and it did not make you enough money, and thanks for sharing this with everyone. 

        all the best in your future dealings

        • Thank you, I do not like to speak poorly of any business venture; however if I feel that they are cheating people and folks will lose more money than what they will ever earn, I have to warn people.  Good thing to, as form what I understand they may be closed down by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).  So happy to be part of a program that  is all about paying it forward and has taught me more in  month than all I have ever learned from anywhere else over the past year.

          Thank You and always wishing you the best,

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      7. Thank you for your interesting post on the EEC (Earn easy commissions program). It is really reassuring that there are people like you who warn for scams after having tested the product. Even if you cannot say the EEC program is completely worthless I agree with you that is seems to be kind of a pyramid system.

        If you want to be sure when you sign up for a program a minimum of transparency of the owner of the program is needed. Programs with hidden upsell in the back are not transparent. The more that EEC, as I understand you well, creates a system where you cannot do else than upselling once you signed in to have success. The example you have given when you signed up and start in your social network to get referrals Facebook banned you….The owners of EEC know that very well and they do not warn their customers. 

        You are right EEC has to be avoided.

        • It really is a shame because EEC at first glance seemed like a decent platform to use, however, there isn’t the proper training within the system, and it may work for those who already know about building a website and branding themselves and have an understanding about sales funnels, and auto email responders, etc. These so called “done for you” usually are not, there are very few ones out there, that actually do have a done for you system, but they are hard to find and you still have to have access to tools (sales funnel, autoresponder, a website, etc.) and knowledge of creating landing pages and a successful flowing system of all these incorporated. With that being said whatever program an individual get involved with, they will be much better off if they go in knowing that there is work involved and nothing is handed to you; you may gain assistance and training; but you have to put the work in to accomplish the end product.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      8. Hi Robert. Thoroughly enjoyed reading you review. Don’t take this the wrong way but I’m glad you found this scam, albeit the hard way. Reason is, you’re giving us a review which is based on your own experience, which, I personally think carries more weight. I’m in the early stages of affiliate marketing and am constantly on the lookout for online opportunities. I have noticed a theme running through most of these sites but I’m not sure I can put my finger on exactly what it is. I do get the feeling that in many cases, the only person making any money is the one who owns the site. There’s no actual ‘product’ a lot of the time. You are just buying a myth and then selling that on to someone else. Like you point out, much of the information that is put out is taken from somewhere else. Then, to add insult to injury, if you want the system to work you have to buy yet more products. It’s one step removed from those scam emails that tell you that you’ve ‘inherited’ a fortune but need you to pay to collect it, then pay again and again. Anyway, it’s gone on my list of sites to avoid.

        • I actually do not like to do the “bad” review posts; however in this case I am giving this review based on my own experience and people can take from it what they will.  Yet if I am able to assist someone from jumping right into something and instead do their due diligence first, then hopefully I have accomplished something good.  That is my go to, I do not write on anything I have not experienced myself, because I also believe that just reading about someone saying there product is good or there product is bad, isn’t always the case.  I believe in showing proof of why, as I intend to do as I go further into Wealthy Affiliate, if I continue to have my current belief that it is a great program, I intend to show proof along the way.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      9. 6Hi Robert..

        It is quiet scary and a matter of tension to identify legit sources to earn online. Also time consuning and matter of frustration. You told about EEC (Earn Easy Commissions) and FTC (Federal Trades Commission) where you suffered both mentally and financially. A lot of problem like upgrading our account, giving money to start our accounts, also to withdraw our earning and so many problems we are facing everyday. It is very much annoying for which almost 90% prleople leave this good source of earning money. This only for frustration and being fraud. Your article is so nice to show the problems and their solutions. 

        Thank you for sharing your experience that will help us to be patient.

        • Your welcome Touhidur.  It is scary how many frauds are out there and we lose a lot of money on.  I do not believe in bad talking a program just for the sake of saying the one I’m in is better or to take away someone else’s earning potential; however if I have done the program myself and have put the work in and can see the signs that it is more of a money eater rather than a money maker, I feel it is important to warn the audience, to at least tread carefully if they decide they want to be a part of that program.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      10. Thank you for this very informative post and for showing us the difference between EEC and WA.
        Now I know EEC is not the place to be. I totally agree with the recommended affiliating program you chose, which is wealthyaffiliate, especially for all the help they give out, the training, the low prices, and the AMAZING community.
        Great post, keep it up!

        • Agree with you 100% Georgio, the Wealthy Affiliate community is second to none!  No matter what issue I have there is someone with a similar one who has asked a question and I’m able to find an answer.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

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