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    I am sure that by now you have being doing your research and have searched the internet wide for that right affiliate program. You also most likely have come across some good sounding ones and ones that sound real sketchy and want to avoid. Don’t get discouraged because there are affiliate programs that really work.

    It is key when making your decision that you have done your research, so when you have chosen the program you want to work with it is one you are happy with. So let’s go over clues that may indicate a scam, indications that it is a legitimate affiliate program and my personal suggestion


    Avoiding Scams

    beware scams

    Let me go over briefly what affiliate marketing is about.  The best thing you want is to build a website and there are free programs that will help you with that, then you want to pick a niche, which is something you are passionate about ( cooking, healthcare, dieting, etc.) Then you find products from within that niche, maybe you will choose how to prevent hair loss and promote that on your website through links (which you will see on this post, and they are at no additional cost to you if you click on them).  You’ll be putting something similar to that as well. What you do is you give reviews on these products and give honest (again I say HONEST) opinions and why you may think this will be a product that will help someone.  You may get links from say Amazon to use as an example and if someone clicks on that link and buys the product you receive a commission for it.  There are programs that really explain this well, as I mention below in my personal recommended program.

    Unfortunately there are Affiliate programs out there, that are not trustworthy. When you look into a program and it is consistently asking you to put more and more money in to “further your success,” and they have not explained what product or products you can outsource, they should likely be avoided. When choosing an affiliate program, you should not have to continually put in more money so you can “get to the next step.” This is ludicrous, because once you have made an initial payment, they should be able to show what you need to do and not taunt you with this foolishness: “If you want to get to the next level, then you need this step and it will cost $—-” HOGWASH!

    In all honesty, these types of affiliate programs should be ashamed of themselves, and quite honestly these type of shenanigans are bordering on being a pyramid scheme, as still no talk about a product, just more nonsense about paying more will get you to this level, and when you get someone to sign up to the program and the higher levels they go, you’ll get a larger commission. HMM, sounds like a scam to me! Wikipedia definition of a pyramid scheme is as follows:” A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.”


    Do not give up hope, there are affiliate programs that really work, that are out there! As you should know this because hopefully you have being doing your research and looking at different programs and weighing your options.

    Legitimate Affiliate Programs



    So now that we know what the signs are for what are likely to be scams, lets talk about legit affiliate programs. I would like to start, that posts stating such-and-such a program is a scam and they were screwed over, does not make it a scam. What that means is it just didn’t work for them. Yes there are legitimate affiliate programs out there that can be costly, but it is not the cost that makes them a scam, it is the way they present it. There are programs that offer high end products and in turn you earn higher commissions, but they can be costly. Yet these programs are still offering a product, even if it is for an email service, or a sales funnel, or mailing website, etc.. these are products! However, some you have to be able to have some money to invest and in turn it can be lucrative for you, but it still takes A LOT of work and time. A good amount of these programs, are good for people who have prior experience in internet marketing and understand about blogging, already have email lists, YouTube videos, etc.

    Touching again on what I said previously about posts and YouTube videos on claims of programs being scams, are many times because they personally found dissatisfaction with it. Though it is pointed out by many, it is a true fact, many times someone who didn’t get the “success” fast enough and because the program didn’t work for them, they will cry “scam,” because instead of taking the time to find out why it wasn’t working and admitting to themselves they most likely gave up too quick, didn’t put the work in required and so instead waste time trying to discredit the company. Another reason why they are posting or YouTubing “scam” is because they are using this tactic to tell you why “their program” is better. Now there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they are upfront and state why there program is better and provide insight as to why someone would be better off using that affiliate system. It is always best that you do your own research about an affiliate program and conclude from your own findings if it is legitimate.

    An example of a good affiliate program, is one that lets you explore their site for free with a “trial” period and especially if they give training to their program within that “trial” period, so you can really see how their program works. This way you can judge for yourself, if it is a program that you feel comfortable with, and if it offers what you are looking for.

    My Suggested Affiliate Program

    So I am going to be completely upfront with you and let you know that yes I am going the right affiliate programto suggest you to an affiliate program that I am a part of and yes there will be links to my affiliate link (the highlighted words); because let’s us be honest here, that is what affiliate marketing is about. However, let me also tell you why I suggest this program and feel why it is an affiliate program that really works. I have been a part of other affiliate programs, that were not necessarily scams, however they were not completely upfront either. I found myself having to go buy a separate domain along with a separate website, I had to go somewhere else to purchase an email Weber account, another site to create a sales funnel, and kept being bombarded with up sale after up sale to “obtain further success” and you get the point. However with the program I am suggesting, I was blown away!  You can subscribe to their Starter Program 100% Free (NO Credit Card Required!), and they offer you a trial for 7 days if you want to upgrade to Premium Membership (the ONLY Upgrade) and if you do so within that time frame, you receive a discount for the first month on the Premium membership. This is what you receive for their Free Starter Membership!

    • They give you amazing learning steps
    • Help you create a free website through WordPress (you can create up to 2),
    • Help you with writing a starting post and explain each step in a way you can understand
    • You can tour the site
    • The first course in their Beginner Training Course and their Affiliate Bootcamp training
    • Meet other affiliates right through the website built in chat and read their success stories and ask them questions
    • Plus if you decide to not upgrade you can remain as starter in the free program and you can still utilize the website you created!
    • and more…

    If you decide that you do want to upgrade to premium (AGAIN, the ONLY upgrade) within those 7 days (or by the very end of the 7 days) the discount that first month is $19, and thereafter it is $49 a month, or you can do a 6-month plan or yearly plan (and you get a discount if you choose those latter ones, as well). That’s the only amount you pay, either monthly, every six months, or annually (or you can stay in the Free Starter program for as long as you want); there are no hidden fees beyond that, or sales funnels to get you to spend a higher back end cost to get you huger commissions. Right from the get go, you can see how the commission plan is broken down. Now you may think $49 a month is a lot, but that’s why you utilize those first 7 days to truly use the training provided, tour the site, chat with affiliates and judge for yourself the value you receive. What’s really nice is, if you do go premium, you not only get so much more to utilize, they have a credit system. You can earn cash credits, when you accomplish certain goals (that aren’t unreasonable) and turn that in for cash, or even put towards the cost of the program!! I haven’t been a part of any affiliate program that offers that!

    Oh yes, and in the training, Kyle (one of the creators – and who runs the training) goes over how to build a niche (this is the subject you want to make money in – weight loss, Health products, makeup, helping people make money online/affiliate marketing, etc.. Whatever your passionate about and want to advertise for) and then shows how to build a website around that niche! All this during your free trial! Okay so I know your asking, what is this program?

    It is called:

    WEALTHY AFFILIATE (join here).

    So check it out FOR FREE, keep your credit card in your wallet, and tour the Wealthy Affiliate website.  You have nothing to lose, but whatever your decision, you will learn some amazing things on this website.

    Compare the difference between Starter and Premium below:


    To the Best Success!

    The Helpful Affiliate,







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      Robert Warneck


      1. I love action movies and this site gives me the notion that I am reading about an action adventure. You are providing very great readable content and I was interested in your message because of it. I also was able to take in what you were saying and feel as if learned something from it.   Nice job and I hope to see more of your posts. 

        • Thank you so much!!  I am so glad that you said that, because I really want to create a scene for people in the best way possible and hope they can imagine for themselves what I am talking about,  The fact you said I was able to do that for you means a lot!

          Thank you and all the best!

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      2. I’d like to know why is it in one of the website that I read, Wealthy Affiliate was listed as among the top MLMs for 2019? Is it true that Wealthy Affiliate is an MLM program? I thought it’s not an MLM because in some of the reviews done by members of Wealthy Affiliate, they are actually against MLM, and they said it is just an affiliate marketing program and not an MLM. Try search for the website owned by Jeremy Page, in his list of Top 25 MLMs for 2019, Wealthy Affiliate is included in the list.

        • Hi Gomer,

          Actually Wealthy Affiliate is NOT an MLM program; here’s why.  MLM program you have to sell products and recruit members and you are in turn a distributor of said products. In a MLM you have an upline, the person who recruited you and the folks above that person.  Your upline makes a commission on your sales and whenever you “sign up” someone and on those they sign up, and you then in turn makes you a commission for each person you signup when they make sales and sign someone up, etc.

          Wealthy Affiliate offers courses (even with the free starter membership) on creating a successful online business with a niche that you are passionate about and all this can be done without promoting Wealthy Affiliate.  With that being said, yes there is the bootcamp training which is about promoting Wealthy Affiliate and when someone signs up for a premium membership you receive a commission off that ONLY.  You do not receive any commissions for any sales the person you recruited earns and you do not receive any commissions for anyone they recruit to Wealthy Affiliate.  Also for those you recruit to Wealthy Affiliate, they are not required to promote Wealthy Affiliate and can make earnings on just promoting their niche, with the website they create in the training on Wealthy Affiliate.  Also there are no Wealthy Affiliate products to buy and resell.  You are NOT a distributor.  For these reasons Wealthy Affiliate is NOT an MLM.

          Thank you for your comment and all the Best!

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      3. Something I picked up from this post was about people calling a product a scam just because they were not able to make money from the product. A lot of people really do use this as a tactic in promoting their own products. Even as it is true that there are a lot of scam products out there but the fact is that just because a product does not work out for you does not mean it should be called a scam.

        Even the programs that claim to or that are legit are still being called a scam because they probably did not work for that particular person.

        It has become a normal thing now being done over the internet and this has actually ruined some good affiliate programs out there. 

        Take for example wealthy affiliate. A lot of people have made money from the platform but the fact is that there are others that did not make money from it. These people at the end of the day might end up calling the platform scam just because it did not favor them.

        Unfortunately, this is what we have to deal with in the online world because everyone is trying to make money and condemn other programs just for their personal benefits.

        • Hello Jay,

          Unfortunately it is true there are folks out there who will condemn a program just for the sake of benefiting themselves; however if we choose to be different and instead give honest reviews backed up with proof, than people can not say we are doing it just for our benefit.  I have found honesty has been a key to helping with success, because the “proof is in the pudding!”

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate) 

      4. Hi Robert. Thanks for that very honest overview of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been involved for 18 months now and spent the first free period by doing the training and beginning to build my website. It didn’t take me long to realize I was in the right place. The help you receive is second to none. You can determine if it is right for you before outlaying one cent. I have since gone Premium and save money by paying yearly. There is no better place to learn to build a longterm online business. It takes time and work, but it’s worth it. Thanks for a great post.

        • Thank You Greg, I appreciate hearing that from someone who has been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost 2 years.  I have been with them for a month and a half, love what they offer, but your comment makes me feel even more confident in my decision!

          Thank You,

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      5. Questions on an overall article: – “THE PROCESS OF PICKING ONE” this is missing in the article, How to search? Where to search? Define what should be there in Good affiliate program, which program should avoid.

        Discussion about the topic: Affiliate program good and bad were discussed but the language is not to the point. Overall it looks like a good review of AF and not a process of picking one.

        Opinion about the topic: I suggest to rewrite this article.

        • Thank You Haren for your very honest comment here, and with re-reading my post I see what you are saying.  However; instead of re-writing my post (which I still feel is very informative), I instead changed the title to a more fitting one: Does Affiliate Marketing work – What I Believe to be the Best choice.  

          Thank You again for your comment and your suggestions.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      6. The topic is good but I think you also want to speak to the people who haven’t done their own research yet. If you get to the top of the Search Engine rankings, there might be people who are just starting to look into affiliate programs. You might want to discuss what affiliate marketing is (just like the WA training) so they have a point of reference. My 2 cents. 🙂

        • Thank you for your comment Paula and your advice.  Definitely will take that into consideration.  I should definitely go into a better explanation as to what affiliate marketing is about.

          Thank you again,


      7. Hello, it’s Gomer Magtibay here, one of the satisfied members of Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with what has been said here in this article, and I think people should also see what’s being offered by the company beyond free membership and helpful tools. What the company is offering is, a chance to own an online business 50x. With our WA membership, we are allowed to have up to 50 websites! That’s so much for a $49 monthly premium membership.

        • Gomer you are so right.  Many folks, unfortunately, have a hard time seeing the bigger picture and weighing out everything.  If people saw what other sites and programs are charging for ALL the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate offers for only $49, they would understand how much value they were receiving at Wealthy Affiliate.  You really get so much value and really learn so much from Wealthy Affiliate, that one needs to actually go onto the site and see for themselves how incredible a platform it is.


      8. So as a novice I am still confused and encouraged that there are programs out there that may work for me. So affiliate marketing is where I make money by selling or recommending reliable products or programs to others? Did I understand that right? What made you choose WA of all of the programs out there? I know you mentioned having the facts and showing proof but I also know you were probably skeptical in the beginning as well. What sold you on your recommendations?

        • Charity,

          Thank you so much for your comment and for your questions!  So yes you are correct mostly you are recommending products in the niche (something you’re passionate about) to people because it is something you believe in.  For example if you are a baker and you are passionate about creating healthy desserts – you may do a blog, on your website you create, about vegan chocolate cake.  You would explain why you believe this to be a healthy alternative and then discuss it in a way that helps your audience find an answer and that would be why they would click the link on your site, which would take them to the site that actually sells the item(s) ( so you may be talking about the ingredients they need, and best utensils for the job, etc.) When they purchase these items, you receive a commission from whoever the owner of the site is (ex: Amazon).  So you are actually doing more of a review of the products on your website and recommending them to your audience, with building trust and a rapport with them, than selling the products.  Now you may be suggesting your own products, say you wrote a cookbook and you have it published on Amazon Kindle, you would still discuss, the book, perhaps share one recipe to entice your audience, and still have links that would bring them to Amazon, but those links would go right to your book on Amazon, and you get a commission form Amazon, but you also get whatever Amazon gives you for sales of your book as well. So there is so many options with affiliate marketing, but it’s more of a review of products on your website, bringing an audience to your website, engaging with them, building their trust, so that they click on the links on your posts and purchase.  

          Yes I was skeptical at first with Wealthy Affiliate, because I thought, “If no credit card is required, and its free to get started, how good could this really be.”  Also once I did go on the “inside,” what type of up sells would be waiting for me?  As what had happened with so many other programs I has looked into.  Yet Wealthy Affiliate was different, I could stay a free starter member forever if I chose, and I still would get the  tools to build a website, a community I could interact with and who actually cared about each other’s success, and there was only one upgrade and that was to Premium; either a monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly payment and that was it!  The training is  actually on training you, and no sales funnel at the end of their training to up sell you something else.  You actually learn something here, Wealthy Affiliate actually shows you how to brand yourself around your niche and how to build an audience, rather than just bring it up in conversation of something you need to do and then leave you high and dry as to what;s next.  Their training goes step by step so you can learn at a pace that won’t overwhelm you.  This is why I decided on Wealthy Affiliate and recommend it to everyone!

          Thank You,


      9. Hi Robert

        It is good  when people who have a vested interest in a program or has undertaken a problem declares it. This will not only increase trust but also come directly from the horse’s mouth. I really appreciate your honest feed back and as there are so many affiliate marketing programmes you do not know which programme is the best. As they say there is no such thing as the right choice but most certainly there is wrong choices.

        The choices are huge but you have chosen the best.

        Thank you


        • Thank you for your comment Antonio!  Yes it is important, I believe, to give an honest experience to others, so they can decide for themselves what best action to take.  I can give suggestions and show people what I honestly feel will help them and not get scammed.  However; it is always up to the individual to make the decision they fell is best for them.

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

      10. Hi there! I’ve been with WA for a month and I must say, I am getting everything I need, from training to webinars – and I am learning so much from these. I am in the process of building up my own website and as a premium member, I was never asked to pay for tools or any program that I might need. It’s all in the package of $19. I would still continue to be a premium member because gaining knowledge on everything about online business has already compensate for what I paid.

        Speaking of scamming issues posted in Youtube, I would also like to point out that it’s not just in videos you can see the things you’ve been talking about. It’s present in the comment sections. Affiliate, or MLM Programs are being taught and they scammers will take this opportunity to promote their site on comment sections.

        About the title question, yes, Affiliate Market does work. It will happen only if you put effort on your content by providing worthy information that your readers need. Another yes, the best would be wealthy Affiliate. No scam in here. 

        • Right on MissusB!  Also you are right, unfortunately people write false commentaries and that is just unethical.  I really don’t believe in down playing anyone’s business and the only time I will give my warning is if I was in that particular program myself and was taken through the ringer with them; at that point then I will only fairly warn those of my personal experience and to take caution.  The Great thing with Wealthy Affiliate I can happily promote them and feel proud doing so, because I know I referring people to not only an honest and great program, but to a community that wants to see you succeed!  As you say you have to put effort and honesty into your work,  The greatest success comes to those who act honestly and with integrity and cheer on the success as others as well and giving guidance to others once you achieve it, that is superbly rewarding!  

          Thank you for your comment!

          Robert (Your Go To Affiliate)

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