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    Welcome to the Helpful Affiliate! I hope here to discuss all the little bumps we go through when just starting out as an affiliate marketer. Through sharing ideas, issues that new affiliates come up against, ways to resolve them and hopefully help those brand new to affiliate marketing to overcome these annoyances and help them be successful in their new endeavor.

    My Background

    A little about me. Since I was 8 years old my sister and I used to make up companies, one was s storage warehouse for produce goods and meats, and another company we made up was for office supplies; my sister and I used to “borrow” our parents files that they would bring home from work and that’s how we got our ideas. I honestly have to say from that young age I was always fascinated in creating something that would benefit others on both a customer standpoint and as a partnering with others to help share in success.

    So I went to college for business and got distracted, it just seemed that there had to be a different way. Doing it this way I had to live someone else’s dream. Yes there could be decent money, but I knew this path would not lead to the kind of success I was looking for. Several years later, I served in the Navy for 4 1/2 years and that was an incredible experience.  Being around the world I was able to meet all types of amazing people from different backgrounds, lifestyles, and from all levels of financial success.

    With that being said, I still wanted to accomplish what I dreamed about at a young age, being successful but having others come for the ride with me (lets face it the ride alone is really lonely) and met a few people who were affiliates and had purchased their car and house from the profits and said it was there full time job, I immediately was interested.  For some reason, though, they loved to share stories about their success but seemed to clam up when asked how they did it. So I got frustrated and tried to teach myself, and only got more frustrated and wanted to give up, but not completely, because I knew others were making it from doing business online, so I could too.

    If Others Were Doing It So Could I

    I knew the money was being made and there had to be a way to tap into it too. Yet, I also remember the frustrations I felt not understanding all the terminology and all this “so called” help but yet always feeling I was going in circles. Knowing that frustration and feeling, that if you are a beginner you feel left behind, and those that are “doing it” just want to keep it to themselves – I decided I’m going to find out these so-called “secrets” and find success and I am going to share it!

    My Goal for TheHelpfulAffiliate. Com

    Those who know me have always thought of me as a BIG dreamer, but I truly believe that we don’t have to keep those dreams stuck in our heads, we can bring them to fruition! Now if you’re dreaming about unicorns…that may be a more difficult task. Joking aside, I created this website to help those that are going what I went through, and still go through. I want this to be a site where individuals starting out in Affiliate marketing can come here and learn about concepts and terminology that they feel stuck with. A place to share ideas and ask what they want, and know an answer will be found for them.

    This site is to answer those annoying little hurtles someone new may come up against. It is my goal to find the “secrets” that so many “so-called Gurus” don’t want to share. It’s time to stop feeling you’re going through hurtles and being led in circles and start getting answers! I want this site to be used as a forum to unravel these secrets and truly be there for another through the steps of our success.

    Please leave comments, any questions you have, and together we will find an answer!

    To Your Future Success,




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      Robert Warneck

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      1. Robert, have had a look at all the articles that are springing up at incredible speed. Well done. There are lots of ideas there which help people grow businesses. That seems to be in your blood to some extent. We can all benefit from those ideas, so keep them coming. I will pop back from time to time to see if I can pick up some more of that knowledge.

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