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A place for affiliate marketers to find some help without the hype!​

Welcome to our site. Take a look around and see what we have to offer. Join the group and gain insites on some of the things you need to become successful at Affiliate Marketing...LONGTERM.


So if you have been looking into things out there you probably have some questions...

Are you tired of losing money with ads ?
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Do you need to capture leads every day with constancy?
 Yes   No
Would you make more sales if you had dozens of leads coming to your email list on autopilot every day?
 Yes   No
Have you bought lead packages and promos on Facebook or Instagram with unreal promises?
 Yes   No
If you answered YES to one or all of these questions, then you probably need to re-evaluate what you are doing, the tools you are using and the process you are following.
We are here to "talk it out" and show you some really great programs and tools that will set you on the right path...longterm.

To be successful at affiliate marketing, you can't just find a product, buy a huge list of names for $1, post an ad, then wait for the money to roll in the next week...I am sure you know this by now. You need to understand the process and work the process.

Not everyone out there selling this and that has an interest in your success. Taking the time to build and understand the process that works for you and your goals will pay off so much more in the longrun...that is the goal, right?

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We all want the lifestyle...

Work from anywhere with just a few clicks and we can retire...well not quite.

But what if?

These are real possibilies if you learn to develop your craft and think like a business owner instead of trying to earn a quick buck with the latest fad product.

You might make some money, but how much are you missing out on?

Higher receptiveness to any promotion is key.

Learning and earning while doing the things you enjoy is why we are here. 

Join our group and expand your possibilites.

So Who is the Helpful Affiliate?
That would be me...

My name is Eric Rozak.

I have been in sales, construction, insurance, and product promotions for over 30 years now.
I approach affiliate marketing in a business like manner having run several myself and interatcting with customers and salespeople all over the Country.

I started this site to not only help improve others understanding and results from affiliate marketing, but to also improve mine. I am always learning and researching new and better ways to approach something. Let's go on this journey together.

Join our community and gain access to all we have and let's learn and earn together!    See you inside.
The One Thing That Changed My Life!
It was mid December 2020 and I got hit with Covid-19. I don't know how, but it got me pretty good. I lost my Mother to it while I was sick too, so that was a blow. 

I came through it though...changed. I seemed to lack the drive and spirit, as well as the physical endurance I used to have. Took me some time, but I found my niche... Affiliate Marketing.

I had looked into it before, years ago, but now I needed to do this. Getting older and a brush with mortality will change a stubborn, hardened person. 

The truth is:  It hasn't always been easy.

We all have struggles and commitments. I am no different. Married now for over 25 years to the same beautiful woman. 3 wonderful kids, 3 dogs in a nice house with a lot of stuff and comforts.

Well that's GREAT...except I have almost always lived on the edge. I have, in essence, been self-employed my entire adult life. That offers freedom as well as risk...Anyone remember 2008?
Not the best time to be in construction! My home building business was almost wiped out in about 2 weeks. Banks locked it all down! I did the right thing and hung on to make sure all the bills got paid and my existing jobs were completed.

That got me into insurance adjusting, which offered "travel" and good money...but the downside of 10+ years on the road, missing your family and living in hotels. High stress job! I got back into construction a bit and have plugged along, but I am getting older.

So now what? After Covid-19, as I stated earlier, I needed to find direction. I found digital marketing and Affiliate Marketing. It has been a process and I personally am still learning daily.

So how is it going now...?

This is How it is Going NOW...
So what can I say...I am guilty of trying almost everything too. After getting into affiliate marketing, I tried and bought and logged in and clicked and sold and paid for all kinds of stuff.
With really nothing to show for it!

Well I learned a lot, and I spent a bit of money. Make money? Not so much. Why? I asked myself. If that guy can do it, why can't I?

The problem was I just was bouncing around and trying to do so much without a plan or direction. Signing up for everything I could and not really understanding what I was reading and/or selling.

I have since pulled myself together and focused on a gameplan, like a business. Because that is really what this is. You want a side hussle? Then deliver pizza. This is a massive market still vastly untapped, but ever changing. It is wide open for so much and so many to benefit. You just need to take it in and impliment what you learn in a timely manner. 

This really isn't a business to just make a quick buck. Yes some people do and I have tried and done my share too, but it doesn't last if you don't put the work in.

Where do you see yourself at in a year, 2 years, 5 years...on that beach or still side hussling?

Let's work on it together and make a difference in all the lives we touch.

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